55 Unbiased and Trusted Product Review Sites

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Matthew Bradford (Gaming Expert Owner) is a pro gamer. The website aims to provide unbiased reviews about gaming pc & accessories, the latest games, and news.

He has vast knowledge in the field of pc building. If you visit there to learn about pc building, you will get extra care over there.

However, GamingExpert helps gamers to know everything about video game news, expert reviews, best gaming settings, and guides about best gaming products.

Gamerexpert.net lets you play games directly in your browser or download on your phone, computer and tablet.

You will find a personal touch in his reviews. If you are a gamer, you should definitely bookmark his site.


Sumi Memon ( Owner of Mattress dx ) will guide you through the best mattresses in each category.

She has covered up several types of mattresses like Orthopedic mattresses, Hybrid Mattresses, Gel Based Memory Foam Mattresses, and all other types of mattresses that you can imagine.

You may look for a mattress for specific purposes, such as mattresses that can address your backache or a mattress for pregnancy; you are in the right place.

You will find other resources like the size and the dimension chart. Sumi has compiled many buying guides as well that can help you in choosing the mattress for yourself.

She attempts to make the guides as extensive as possible to get in-depth knowledge of the factors that may impact your purchase.


Jackie Bolen(Kitchen Gadget Review Owner) is quite obsessed with unbiased reviews. She loves to cook, so Kitchen Gadget Review is a natural fit for her.

In her kitchen, you can find things like the Marcato Atlas pasta maker, Vitamix Blender, KitchenAid mixer, and other top-quality appliances.


Alan John, the founder of topkneepads.com, is a sports trainer and he has been doing this since 2010.

He has built a volleyball training institute and now his institute has almost 500 students. Many of his students play the national level volleyball.

He has put his hard work and soul into the site and gathered all the information related to the knee pads.

He has a team that carries research about the possible knee issue related to this particular game.


Their review structure is relatively easy and straightforward to understand.

They have done their absolute best to make the format as user-friendly as possible.

Most of their product reviews have a spotlight on the top 3 products for that category.

This categorization allows you to see their favorites and the best of the best at a glance.

They would never have accepted compensation to up-rank a particular product. They have built a growing company on the back of their integrity.


Chris Payne is the man behind Payne outdoors. He covers more about hiking and camping while still staying true to his kayak fishing roots. He is also doing Kayak fishing videos, walk-throughs, and new product reviews.

Chris Payne is doing Payne Outdoors Video Review Series, where he talks about affordable gear for almost everybody and whether it is worth buying.

It is necessary to mention that he is a certified Texas Parks and Wildlife Angler Education and Fly Fishing Instructor.


Yasar is the guy behind Espressogurus.com. All the information he has used come from reliable sources or experience. He has combined both to make you understand coffee better.

In fact, your taste buds will thank him for the choices undoubtedly. He has served in multiple coffee outlets as an experienced barista for years and has worked as a senior coffee tech for plantation bros for over three years.

He believes that he has spent more time next to a coffee machine than real humans. Over the years, he has gathered a lot of experience and knowledge on the matter.

Since he always believed that sharing is the foundation of growth, he decided to start this blog and help fellow coffee lovers with his knowledge and experience.


ProFanboy is a gaming website owned by Reza. He is a gaming fanboy, a professional fanboy to be exact, built his site to serve gamers with a highly curated list of best games for the current generation.

He also reviews gaming consoles and accessories. He is so good at finding products pros and cons that you will love that.


In Top Rate Reviews, they aim to provide unbiased reviews and information to benefit their consumers with more knowledge and better decision-making when shopping online.

They are currently focusing on detailed buying guides and tips for hobbies, outdoor, pets, and gadgets.

Their unbiased reviews come along with a helpful buyer’s guide to help you for better purchasing.


Mr. Subhash, the owner of IT4Nextgen.com, is a qualified electronics engineer and his passion for computing and gadgets diverted him towards Computers and IT. 

He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) with over 20 years of experience as a Network Administrator and IT consultant.


In IT4Nextgen.com, you will get a lot of information and tips regarding IT or software related problems. His Product reviews are simply top-notch.


Human lives are busier than ever and their attention spans are shorter than ever. So, technically it’s more challenging than ever to find what we want when we want it.

Brett Gordon (ToprateTen) recognized the problem and the need for a trustworthy, one-stop-shop. He decided to develop a digital information hub tailored explicitly for people who are in a hurry.

Initially designed as a resource for online shoppers to find unbiased information on top-rated products, TopRateTEN now publishes content across a wide variety of topics.

By synthesizing these topics into “top ten” lists, the site provides concise, quality information on pretty much everything!


Everyone should learn about what their body needs. Everyone should understand what certain foods contain and how to read labels at grocery stores.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about such things regularly. This is the exact reason Jenn Warren opened her blog.

If you are concerned about your health, you should follow Jenn Warren from The health playbook.

She will help you to live a healthier life through better nutrition, fitness advice and reviews. 

You will get a complete pack of health services from her expertise and experience.


In 2019, MD Ashikul Islam (Ashik) founded Best Tummy Control. It has come a long way from its beginning in Alaska.

He is working hard to make "BestTummyControl" to be the best source of weight loss on internet.

When Ashik first started out, his passion for getting everyone the best outfit of their life drove him to start his own blog.