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Compare and Review Dremel 3000 vs 4000

Due to the exceptional performance of Dremel rotary tools, they have acquired a special place in woodworkers mind.  

But, one of the common problems that DIY hobbyists or craftsmen will face is whether to buy a Dremel 3000 or Dremel 4000.

Even though they both look identical, there are many different factors that glorify each model uniquely.

Requiring fewer Amps (1.2) to operate, Dremel 3000 consumes less electricity than Dremel 4000, which needs 1.6 Amps to run. However, as an updated version of its predecessor, Dremel 4000 is smaller, more lightweight, and comes with an electronic feedback system that is unavailable in Dremel 3000.

Here, I have covered more information than individual Dremel 3000 review and Dremel 4000 review content.

Want to learn more about Dremel 3000 Vs 4000? Stay tuned!

Dremel 3000 vs 4000: Which is for Whom?

Buy Dremel 3000 If You-

  •  Want a budget-friendly rotary tool
  •  Want a fantastic tool for basic work
  •  Like uncomplicated settings
  •  Want to save electricity bills

Buy Dremel 4000 If-

  •  Want 30+ kit options
  •  Enjoy Electronic feedback system
  •  Love powerful motor for quick operation
  •  Want variable speed settings
Dremel 3000 vs 4000

Dremel 3000 vs 4000: Head to Head Comparison


Dremel 3000

dremel 4000


1.2 amp

1.6 amp


5000 to 35000 rpm

5000 to 35000 rpm

Number of speeds



Electronic Feedback control




120 volts

120 volts

Kits options

3000- 1/24, 3000- 1/25, 3000-1/31, 3000-2/28

4000-2/30, 3/34, 4/34, And 6/50


7.5 inch

9 inch

Cord length

6 feet

6 Feet


2-years limited warranty.

2-years limited warranty.

Separate on/off  system






Accessory change System

EZ twist Nose

EZ Twist Nose

Replaceable motor system



Power Source




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User Experience Overview of Dremel 4000 vs 3000

Dremel 3000

  • Users of the Dremel 3000 have given very positive feedback for this rotary tool. In our analysis, we found more than ninety percent of users are satisfied with it. One pleased customer expressed that he enjoyed the ten settings for his small jobs.
  • Another happy customer said this tool works great when careful control is needed.
  • However, some people faced power-related issues with this device.

Dremel 4000

  • Dremel 4000 is also hugely loved by its users, and you would rarely find any complaint about Dremel 4000. Due to its reduced weight, people enjoyed the smooth cutting of drywall and wall tile with it.  
  • Professional workers are finding this tool up to the mark and faced no issues during different projects.
  • Some new users have found DREMEL 4000 a little bit difficult to hold.


Let’s talk about some identical features that both Dremel 3000 and 4000 inherits. Don’t worry! After discussing the similarities, we will also go through some distinguishing features of these rotary tools. So, keep reading.

Functional design

In some Dremel 3000 reviews, you may find that the reviewers claim that the appearance of Dremel 3000 or 4000 is different. But, you will realize that their functional design is almost identical.

You will find that both rotary tools are made of metal, and none of them are battery-operated.

Moreover, the Ez twist nose cap accessory changing system is similar among both power tools.

Furthermore, the 360- degree comfortable grip zone of these products reduces fatigue. As a result, you can effortlessly control them by gripping them firmly.

Versatility and Speed

Versatility is one of the key features of the Dremel 3000 or 4000 rotary tools. And both machines can be applied to accomplish a wide variety of tasks as they have equal rotation speed.

You can do carving, engraving, cutting, sanding, cleaning, polishing, grinding, and sharpening with these handheld tools.

Additionally, you can quickly switch their accessories and attachments according to your need. 


Both of these rotary tools, their attachments and accessories are tremendously robust and can withstand years of rough use.

The well-built motor of Dremel 4000 or 3000 can run continuously for hours without any issue. As a result, it helps you to complete any project within the deadline.


A precise tool helps you do jobs flawlessly and assists you in becoming a professional worker.

The good news is that Dremel 3000 and 4000 are the most precise rotary tools in the market.

Yes, their competitors may offer more kit options and advanced features, but these Dremel power tools outperform their rivals in precision.

Maybe that’s the reason most professional craftsmen suggest Dremel rotary tools for intensive projects.

However, Dremel claimed that these devices' ball-bearing construction helped them achieve such efficient and uninterrupted performance.


Due to the compact size and lightweight nature, you can easily carry these Dremel rotary tools anywhere you go.

Also, the beautiful carrying boxes that come with them are very compact and sophisticated.

With the box's help, you can easily manage and organize all the small accessories and attachments. So, there is no fear of losing any small equipment.


Now, let’s see the attributes that are different among these two powerful rotary tools.

Power and weight

Dremel 3000 has a 1.2 Amps powerful motor, and it rotates 35,000 times in one minute. This motor power and speed are suitable for beginners who are newly introduced to this device.

However, in the later version of the series, Dremel 4000 has relatively less weight than 3000. It comes with a 1.6 Amps motor current and 35,000 RPM. So, 4000 will produce more efficiency to do its intended tasks much faster.

Electronic feedback system

The Electronic Feedback system is also missing in the Dremel 3000 handheld power tool. You have to spend some time practicing to adjust your speed and pressure settings.

But, it could ruin your work if you haven’t read the user manual carefully.

Credit goes to the Dremel team as they understood this shortcoming and added an electronic feedback system in their next addition.

Now, with Dremel 4000, you can improve your craftsmanship with the help of this amazing feature. The machine will automatically send feedback to keep you on track. Interesting, isn’t it?

Separate speed control

Dremel 4000 and 3000 both tools come with a variable speed control feature, but the 4000 has a separate on/off switch for more convenience and control.

And, you will have a fair advantage over 3000 if you can learn to utilize the separate-speed dial option of Dremel 4000.

Thankfully, you can quickly speed up or slow down the rotation speed depending on your essential project's nature.

Convenient Kit options

With so many kit options and tool adjustments, both of these Dremel wizards help users to perform endless cutting, designing, and other tasks smoothly.

Attachments are any product that gets mounted onto the tool, and accessories get placed into the tool.

For instance – if you see the Dremel 4000- 6/50 kit option, it means that this rotary tool has six attachments and 50 accessories.

The Dremel 3000 has three kit options. They are - 3000- 2/28, 3000-1/24, and 3000- 1/25. The 3000- 1/24 is the most cost-effective option and perfect for basic home improvement works.

You can select a 3000 -1/25 kit setting if you want to do polishing or sanding with it. However, option 3000- 2/28 is the smartest and most versatile kit option, which offers a wide range of task options.

The Dremel 4000 has four kit options, including 4000- 2/30, 4000 -3/34, 4000- 4/34, and 4000 - 6/50. Even the 4000 -2/30 kit option can perform much better than Dremel 3000- 2/28.

However, the more the attachments and accessories options you choose, the more multi-functional rotary tool you will get.

That means 4000 -6/50 is the best option to opt for if you love the utmost flexibility that Dremel provides. Overall, you will enjoy the stability of the kits while you start using them.



  • Multi-functional
  • Robust
  • Ez twist nose cap
  • User-friendly design
  • Replaceable motor brush


  • No cordless option
  • Short cable(6 feet)

Unique Pros & Cons of Dremel 3000


  • 6 speed variable switch
  • Consume less electricity
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for beginners


    • No electronic feedback system
    • No separate on/off system
    • Less Rpm

    Unique Pros & Cons of Dremel 4000


    • An innovative electronic feedback system
    • Separate on/off design with a variable speed switch
    • 1.6 Amps of motor power
    • Lightweight


      • Expensive
      • Not suitable for beginner

      Price-Quality Ratio of Dremel 4000 vs 3000

      Here, Dremel 3000 wins the race. I mean, with almost similar features and identical appearance, you can buy Dremel 3000 rotary tool at a reasonable price, whereas, Dremel 4000 is slightly overpriced.

      I agree that the latest version (4000) has some new and unique features, but it would take you almost 100 bucks to get one. And, this price range may seem expensive for students or part-time workers.

      To sum it up

      It is essential to consider your task’s type, intensity, nature, workload and capabilities before picking one among these handheld power tools.

      I would recommend you to think for a while, read users’ comments, and clearly understand your prerequisites before getting one so that you don’t make any incorrect judgment in a hurry.

      I hope this comparison between Dremel 3000 vs 4000 has provided you with some useful information and helped to take a worthy decision.

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