Compare and Review Irobot Roomba 650 vs 655

The Roomba 650 and Roomba 655 have so far become pretty much convincing to use for all cleaning purposes.

Their configuration is made such to carry out any kind of heavy duty at a regular pace.

You'll be getting a better bin capacity and battery life in Roomba 655 than the Roomba 650. The Roomba 655 performs sequential cleaning, whereas the Roomba 650 does it in an unexpected and scattering way.

Though both of them have the virtual wall feature, only Roomba 655 has the cliff detecting sensor.

For your convenience, we'll be covering more information than individual Roomba 650 review and Roomba 655 review.

So, let’s take a deep dive into it without waiting more.

Roomba 650 vs 655: Which is for Whom?

Buy Roomba 650 If-

  •  You want effective cleaning for small areas.
  •  You want fast, efficient cleaning.
  •  You want 7 times scheduling per week.

Buy Roomba 655 If-

  •  You want improved spot detection by your robot vacuum.
  •  You want improved battery life.
  •  You want cliff detection sensors.
  •  You want an extra improved cleaning bristle.
Roomba 650 vs 655

Roomba 650 vs 655: Head to Head Comparison


Roomba 650

roomba 655

Battery Life



Smart Cleaning






Spot Detection



Cleaning Style



HEPA filter



Bin capacity



Remote control using an app



Bin indicator



Virtual Wall










13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches

13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches

Weight (lbs.)




1 month

1 Month


Roomba 655 vs 650: User Experience Overview

Roomba 650

  • The simplicity of using the Roomba 650 made it favorable to the users. Even the ones who have zero experience in using the vacuum have correctly used it. The houses and restaurants are pretty much benefitted by it.
  • Pre-scheduling the task made the users satisfied and convincing of the robot vacuum. They have so far saved a lot of time throughout the week by scheduling the robot's cleaning.
  • Sometimes, the scattered way of cleaning the floor misses some dirt and allergens. Although it covers it up by recleaning it, time is wasted in it.

Roomba 655

  • The disciplined way of cleaning the floor has made the users fond of the Roomba 655. They have expressed great joy after using the robot vacuum. Detecting important spots and working over it made the robot vacuum a unique one in the market.
  • Detecting the cliff and objects made the Roomba 655 a long-lasting one. Most users have been using it for a long time, and they haven't expressed a single complaint about it.
  • The users just wanted the robot vacuum to be monitored by a mobile app. That would’ve paved the excellence of this vacuum to a great level.

Roomba 655 vs 650: Common features

When you compare Roomba 650 vs 655, you'll see some features that are common in both of them. If your purpose meets those traits, you can buy any of the two robot vacuums.

Cleaning system: 

You won't find any difference between the cleaning system of Roomba 650 vs 655. Both have the same feature, which is the 3-stage cleaning system. The agitation, brush, and suction by the robot vacuums are done equally.

The removal of the dirt alongside ensuring the robot vacuums can assure a safe and bacteria-free environment.


Both the robot vacuums possess to recharge automatically. When they reach their minimum charge limitation, they automatically go to their charging docks and charge conveniently.  They also resume the work they left charging fully.

Virtual Wall Technology:

Both the Roomba iRobot vacuums have virtual wall technology. This allows the robot vacuums to work more accurately, being in a confined area.  The safety of the robot vacuum is also ensured being inside the imaginary wall without surpassing it.

Dirt Detection: 

Detecting the dirt stays as a fantastic feature of the Roomba 655 vs 650 comparisons. The robot vacuums catch the type and medium of the land and then act upon it.

The 3-stage cleaning system makes the work more convenient. On the other hand, the robot vacuums' brush allows it to extract any kind of dust and allergens.


You can schedule the working hours of the Roomba 650 and Roomba 655 according to your desire. For that, the robot vacuums need to have enough charge in it during the time of working. Also, make sure to keep it safe to start its functioning, usually without facing any hesitation.

iAdapt Navigation:

The navigation of the robot vacuums is monitored by iAdapt navigation. It serves you so precisely that it fits the area of the room once it has cleaned it. You don't need to watch it for the room to clean it again. 

This feature allows the robots to restrain from the areas it needs to be. They monitor the obstacles and wires in front of it and casually avoids them while cleaning.


The Roomba 655 and 650 have the Aerovac filtration system. This filter allows removing the dust as well as allergens by treating them in the same manner. You get a suitable environment for the pets and children by using this robot vacuum.


The robot vacuums come in canister shape. Both tend to work conveniently under the furniture and beds. Their navigation and staged cleaning are done suitably due to its convenient size. The weight of the robot is also pretty decent to handle and configure.

Unique Features of Roomba 650 vs 655

While comparing the Roomba 650 review and Roomba 655 review, these robot vacuums' unique features will amaze you a lot. Serving for definite purposes, these features set their priority and specialty in using them.

Roomba 650: 


The performance of Roomba 650 is quite scattered. It randomly does the cleaning. Not following any sequence, the robot has a poor understanding of its cleaning area.

Fast and Efficient: 

Some spots are cleaned multiple times, which is very obvious due to the random cleaning. But indeed it does the cleaning quite fast and efficiently. Having no fixed pattern, the robot moves in a freeway without any restriction.

7x Scheduling: 

You get to schedule the robot vacuum seven times a week. That means you are getting regular cleaning by the robot vacuum just by setting it once. Your effort and time both are getting saved conveniently.

Floor Adjustment: 

The robot vacuum can convincingly adapt to any floor it wants. Whether it is the hard floor or carpet, it never shows any errors. Also, the navigation allows it to work beneath the furniture and beds.

Auto Docking:

The Roomba 650, after finishing its work, goes to its dock by default. You won't have to displace it manually and keep it safe.

Roomba 655: 


The Roomba 655 does the cleaning in a disciplinary way. It follows the right path and cleans the area accordingly. Its navigation and detecting the dirt along with mapping the place are relatively better and effective.

The cautiousness and preciseness cost Roomba 655 more time. It serves better and perfect cleaning taking more time.

Improved Side-Brushes: 

The improved extra side brushed of the Roomba 655 is pretty much robust and improved. You get to have an extraction of the dust and allergens with the brushes. It can clean 99% of the dirt of an area.

Spot Detection: 

If your floor has a spot on it, the Roomba 655 will detect it. The robot's spot detection feature enables it to understand and see the type of site your floor has—the 3-stage cleaning system and its advanced modified brushwork on the spot accordingly.

Cliff Detection: 

The stair and floor detection of the robot vacuum makes it a very unique and specialized one. You get to use it anywhere you want in your way.

Apart from that, the security of the robot vacuum is also ensured in a significant way. Its advanced navigation system is pretty useful here.

Roomba 650 vs 655: Common Pros & Cons


  • Has a 3-stage cleaning system
  • Has AeroVac filtration capability
  • Recharged itself after reaching the minimum charge limit
  • Auto docks after finishing the work
  • iAdapt navigation enabled
  • Detects dirt accurately
  • Can be scheduled for cleaning


  • Can’t be regulated by phone or apps
  • Consumes much power and becomes hot
  • No HEPA Filtration System

Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 650: 


  • Simple to use and regulate
  • Can be pre-scheduled seven times a week for the remaining days
  • Cleans in a scattered way that does repetitive cleaning of a fixed area
  • Relatively quiet and calm while cleaning
  • Works for all kinds of floors and carpets


    • Weak intelligence and monitoring system
    • Not robust body

    Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 655


    • Can detect spots on the floor and works accordingly
    • Has an extra advanced improved bristle brush for cleaning
    • Smart navigation with object detection sensors
    • Has an excellent cliff detection sensor
    • Convenient battery life


      • Small dustbin

      Price-Quality Ratio of Roomba 655 vs 650

      The Roomba 650 has been a proven one to date with its outstanding features and traits. And the Roomba 655 is made to overcome the lacking of Roomba 650.

      Thus, the price differentiation is pretty low among the two robot vacuums. The advanced technology and sensors of Roomba 655 made it expensive than the Roomba 650. It is valid enough to spend some extra bucks on the Roomba 655 for the traits and servings it provides.

      Final words

      When you compare Roomba 650 vs 655, you already make an image of their usage and features. Staying within a firm budget, you want the best robot vacuum to have.

      But, these two great robot vacuums can satisfy all your works conveniently. Yes, the Roomba 655 is pretty much advanced and ahead in terms of traits than Roomba 650; you cannot underestimate the Roomba 650 either.

      Get the one after knowing the purpose. One is an advanced one, and the other is for quick regular usage. In short, that's what we found in Roomba 655 and Roomba 650.

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