Compare and Review Irobot Roomba 890 vs 891

You can never underestimate Roomba when you are to search for a robot vacuum. Among many models of the brand, the Roomba 890 and Roomba 891 are two amazing ones.

Roomba 890 comes with dual virtual wall barrier mode, which is absent in Roomba 891.Also, the Roomba 890 is benefitted from an extra filter with purchase. The cleaning facility and other mentionable features are exact among these two high functioning robot vacuums.

For your utmost convenience, we have the best coverage of information about these two amazing robots than the individual Roomba 890 review and Roomba 891 review.

That means you are getting the best info about them here. So, take a deep breath and start reading.

Roomba 890 vs 891: Which is for Whom?

Buy Roomba 890 If-

  •  You want excellent and precise detection of the objects.
  •  You want a healthy body.
  •  You want automatic docking of your robot vacuum.

Buy Roomba 891 If-

  •  You want a specialized robot vacuum for pets.
  •  You want to clean under high traffics.
  •  You want easy access to your robot vacuum.
Roomba 890 vs 960

Roomba 890 vs 891: Head to Head Comparison


Roomba 890

roomba 891

Battery Life

60 minutes

75 Minutes


iAdapt 1

IAdapt 2

Charging time

120 min

180 min

AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter



Entire level cleaning



Carpet Boost Technology



Full bin action control



Onboard Camera



HEPA filter



Bin capacity



Remote control using an app



full Bin indicator



Cleaning map report



Spot removal






Weight (lbs.)




13.8 x 3.6 inches

13.8 x 3.6 inches


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Roomba 890 vs 891: User Experience Overview

Roomba 890

  • The virtual wall barrier stood out to be a prominent feature for the users. They were pretty much satisfied and happy with the work and precision of the barrier. Their cleaning and dirt detection became pretty upgraded and outstanding.
  • Overall functioning and cleaning have been modern. The users are happy after being regulating it by their phone. But sometimes, the Alexa and Google assistant commandments remain inaccurate.
  • The thing that the users have noticed that it struggles in removing the long hair particles. Except for that, the robot vacuum is an outstanding one.

Roomba 891

  • Being the backdated version of Roomba 890, the 891 still amazed the users. Having almost all the traits, the robot vacuum functions as the Roomba 890 with less price.
  • The pet owners are pleased with the robot vacuum service. They could access the robot for any pet in their house.
  • Many opined that they struggle to operate it on rugs. Also, the object detection sensor is pretty weak too.

Roomba 891 vs 890: Common Features

The Roomba 890 review and Roomba 891 review showed us some striking similarities.

Being a highly renowned and modified one, these two robot vacuums' full features are similar to each other. Without continuing further, let's jump to their standard features.


The design of the Roomba 890 and 891 are pretty similar to each other. Both of them are round in shape with a button at the top.

Their dimension is also the same. They function differently, but you can't differentiate them based on their outlook, shape, and size.


Both the Roomba 890 and 891 comes with a 300 ml bin. The dust collected by them gets stored in the bin.

To maintain a safe and efficient cleaning, you cannot but clean the bin eventually. The size of the bin is ideal for any medium-sized home cleaning.


The filter of any vacuum cleaner is essential. And that also tends to the filter of Roomba 890 and 891.

Their high HEPA efficiency filter is a robust and functioning one, just like many other Roomba models. 

The filter succeeded in capturing particles like dust, allergen, pet hairs, etc. Around 99% of the dust components remain stored inside the robot vacuum.  

Ten microns sized particles can be trapped by the filter convincingly.

Rubber brush

You'll notice a dual multi-surface rubber brush beneath the robot vacuum. To make the whole operation smooth and tangle-free, the robot vacuum has a rubber brush on its base.

Starting from hair to any dust and allergens, all can be wiped away. This version is a modified one of the 600 series and provided more facility than many others.

Suction power

The suction power of both these models is 1000 Pa. They tend to work efficiently in taking the dust particles inside it. Also, the time taken by them to complete their work is pretty fast and swift.

The suction power works efficiently on the carpet and rugs showing no complications or whatsoever. For heavy usage, the robot vacuums will never dissatisfy you.

The robots have five times more suction power than the 600 series.

Cleaning system

The cleaning system of the Roomba 890 and 891 is 3-stages.  Loosening, lifting, and suctioning the dirt and debris is done by the robot vacuum.

The 3-stage cleaning system is a prominent one and helpful too. Maximum decent robot vacuums possess the system and work accordingly to that.

Dirt Detection

Detecting the dirt and working according to it is another prominent feature of the Roomba 891 and 890.

The robots detect the volume and type of dirt. With that detection, it performs accordingly.

This is obvious for high-density cleaning; the time required by the robot vacuum will be more.

Cliff Detection

The robot vacuums can detect any stairs in front of it. You can regulate the robot vacuum around the floor.

It will work accordingly. There are no chances of the robot falling from the stairs and cause an accident.

Cleaning Path

One of the most exciting things about the Roomba 890 and 891 is that it roams around randomly. That is, the cleaning is done randomly.

Eventually, all the parts of the floor become covered with this movement. As a result, you get a good and expected cleaning from these robot vacuums.

App Accessibility

You can control the robot vacuums on your own. Just download the iRobot Home app and merge it with your robot vacuum.

All the functions regarding scheduling, cleaning, time maintaining, etc., can be regulated by the app. You can also command it by Alexa and google assistant.


The Roomba 890 and 891 performs its navigation by the iAdapt navigation. Within a split second, the robots make a decision and map the whole area.

Fast and efficient cleanings get a good boost by this navigation. Chances of collision become low along with the excellent inspection.


Average noise level of the Roomba 890 and 891is 66.3 decibels. The perfect noise level for the right environment is assured.

You get to rest calmly while the robot operates its cleaning.

Unique Features of Roomba 890 vs 891

The Roomba 890 vs 891 battle straightens up with hardly any differences among them. Just some minutes differences separate them in the name of their different model numbers.

Unique features of Roomba 890:

Extra filter

When you purchase the Roomba 890, you'll be getting an extra filter with it. The benefit comes to use when you eventually want to change the filter after its expiry.

As a result, you won't have to undergo any complications regarding buying a new one after its expiration time.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall barrier

The Roomba 890 comes with an excellent dual mode virtual wall barrier. Cleaning within its specific area becomes more precise and accurate. Alongside, you also have a good

Unique features of Roomba 891

All the features that are included in the Roomba 890 are seen in the Roomba 891. It is just a mere backdated version of 890.

Both the robots function well enough. Just with the wall barrier and extra filter sets a minute partition in considering either of them.

Roomba 891 vs 890: Common Pros & Cons


  • Bin indication before it becomes full
  • Tends to grab the smallest of the particles from floors and carpets
  • Tangle-free brush to swipe maximum dust particles from the region
  • Can secrete the toughest dirt and debris out of the dirty region
  • Works upon the dirt depending on its size, density, and type
  • Exceptional utilization in terms of hairs
  • Prevents itself from any kind of accident when cleaning a large hall
  • Can detect stairs in front of it and avoids it accordingly
  • Easy to access and command by mobile phone
  • Decent noise making while cleaning the floor
  • Precise and robust navigation around the room or place of cleaning


  • The bin cannot be washed. It is only cleanable.
  • The battery and long-lasting feature could've been better.

Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 890: 


  • Pretty easy to use and maintain
  • Robust and durable to function greatly
  • Plugs itself in the charging docks automatically.


    • Long hair treatment might be complicated.
    • Not suitable for extensive area cleaning

    Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 891


    • Alexa and Google Assistant integration are pretty much precise and accurate.
    • Best investment for houses of pets
    • Less complication in functioning by the app
    • Easy to handle and use


      • Not a good machine against rugs
      • Cords, curtains, etc., get tangled with it.

      Price-Quality Ratio of Roomba 891 vs 890

      The Roomba 890 vs. 891 features are nearly the same thing. But with 2 or 3 prominent and exciting features, the Roomba 890 leads the way.

      This makes you cost more money for the robot vacuum.

      But considering their standard features and cleaning capability, you can never back Roomba 891 from the other.

      The price difference is so less that it will hardly matter to you.

      So, considering overall traits and function, it is wise to go for Roomba 890, which will be an excellent bargain for you too. 

      Final words

      A brief discussion regarding the Roomba 890 review and Roomba 891 review has been completed successfully. The best features and characteristics have been stated.

      Apart from that, you are getting to know the live review feedbacks from the customers themselves. The results are proven by our expert mechanics too.

      Readers can completely go with our review and make the decision accordingly.

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