Compare and Review Irobot Roomba 890 vs 960

Roomba 960 and 890 are two of the most common innovation by the brand. These two robot vacuums have so many features in commons, yet one surpasses the other.

The Roomba 890 comes with a backdated iAdapt technology, which gets updated in the Roomba 960—having brush rolls in both the vacuums, the Roomba 890 nails the cleaning more with it.

Apart from that, the longevity of cleaning and serving is nailed more by the Roomba 960. The Roomba 960 can also be equipped with a camera and report the mapping more precisely, which is not functional in Roomba 890.

A lot of argumentation other than these factors stand when you compare Roomba 960 vs 890. We have disclosed the comparison in this article with the best research and user feedback.

Roomba 890 vs 960: Which is for Whom?

Buy Roomba 890 If-

  •  You want a precise memory of the robot vacuum.
  •  You want pre bin cleaning signal for quick cleaning.
  •  You are satisfied with the standard iAdapt 1.0 technology of the robot vacuum.
  •  You want better brush rolls of the robot vacuum.

Buy Roomba 960 If-

  •  You want an updated version of iAdapt technology.
  •  You want a camera equipped with a robot vacuum.
  •  You want non-stop cleaning until the whole area gets cleaned.
  •  You want better runtime of the robot vacuum.
Roomba 890 vs 960

Roomba 890 vs 960: Head to Head Comparison


Roomba 890

roomba 960

Battery Life

60 minutes

75 Minutes


iAdapt 1

IAdapt 2

Charging time

120 min

180 min

AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter



Entire level cleaning



Carpet Boost Technology



Full bin action control



Onboard Camera



HEPA filter



Bin capacity



Remote control using an app



full Bin indicator



Cleaning map report



Spot removal






Weight (lbs.)




13.8 x 3.6 inches

13.8 x 3.6 inches


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Roomba 890 vs 960: User Experience Overview

Roomba 890

  • The users, after using the roomba 890, concluded in praising its power. Also, it works well against the carpet and hair particles.
  • The users highly recommended the brush rolls of the robot vacuum. Spot removal becomes more precise and accurate with its help. The users have so far worked on that and convincingly removed many spots from the hard floors.
  • For a long-lasting cleaning, the robot vacuum can be avoided. Also, many issues regarding misfunctioning after its full use can be seen at times.

Roomba 960

  • The users denoted it as the best vacuum they can afford within its price range. Not only that, its functioning ability and navigation makes it even better than many other robot vacuums in the market.
  • For precision cleaning, hardly any robot vacuum can give a competition to the Roomba 960. The mapping and navigation are of top class. Also, the power of the robot vacuums stays on the top above all.
  • Although it struggles on carpets and hair-like particles, it eases any large hall room or tile floors accordingly. Within its working period, it will clean almost all the dirt in the room.

Roomba 960 vs 890: Common Features

The Roomba 890 vs. 960 will assure you a lot of similarities between them. Availing any one of them will be pretty much beneficial for you based on those characteristics.

Let's see what standard features we got between them.

Vacuum Technology

The Roomba 960 and 890 both have AeroForce technology in terms of vacuuming. It is specialized for hard floors.

But it shows no compromising for light carpets too. Naturally, tile and mosaic floors can be benefitted massively from technology.


You can schedule the whole cleaning time table of the week for the vacuum cleaner.

It can support to have seven times cleaning per week with outmost time maintenance.

Wi-Fi enabled

One of the possible things you'll experience using the Roomba 960 and 890 is its Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can connect the device with the wifi and regulate it by the iRobot Home app.

Also, you can pass the commands to the robot by Alexa and google assistant.

Virtual Wall Barriers

Virtual wall barriers are pretty decent and effective in increasing the efficiency of cleaning.

The robot vacuums having the features show how vital they clean up space.

There are no chances of the robot vacuums to lose the tracks while cleaning the floor. Also, the cleaning within the region becomes more precise and steadier.

Full Bin Indicators

Whenever your bin gets full, the Roomba 890 and 960 will show you a signal.

The signal is pretty significant to have a reasonable and feasible cleaning all the time. When you keep the bin clean, it can intake much dirt in it and serve properly.

Carrying Handles

You'll face complications in carrying either the Roomba 960 and 890. Both of them come with carrying handles that led you easy carrying and movement by the robot vacuum.


The batteries of the Roomba 890 and 960 are lithium-ion batteries. Their charging time is shorter but runs pretty long compared to its charging time.

The batteries feature auto charging and auto docking features.

When the battery is below its warning limit, it goes to the charging dock automatically and charges. Right after it is fully charged, it returns to the work it left.

Edge Cleaning

The side brushes of the Roomba 960 and 890 are pretty efficient in maintain edge cleaning in the room.

It can drive the dirt from the corner of the rooms to the middle and work accordingly. It works slowly and completes the work precisely than ever.

Spot Cleaning

One of the essential features of the robot vacuums is the spot cleaning feature.

Both the Roomba 960 and 890 rotates at a place and exercises the cleaning of the spot accordingly. Both wise direction rotation is generally seen and experienced.

Unique Features of Roomba 890 vs 960

The Roomba 960 vs. 890 comparison shows us a lot of identical features among the two robot vacuums.

But what makes them different are their unique features. We'll detail those features most conveniently.

Roomba 890:

iAdapt Navigation

The navigation of the Roomba 890 possesses the iAdapt navigation and mapping technology.

The movement of the robot gets enhanced and cleared by the technology.

Once it cleans a place, you won’t have to reset it again in that area for the highest convenience.

Bin clearance signal

The Roomba 890 needs its bin to be emptied for further cleaning. As long as the whole container can intake the dirt, it will serve you.

But when it gets full, it will stop working.

Roomba 960:

iAdapt 2.0

The navigation of the Roomba 960 becomes more advanced with the iAdapt 2.0. It enhances the use of them in the front camera of the robot vacuum.

Detecting any kind of obstacles or barriers becomes more precise and legit with the features.

Also, the dirt detection by the robot becomes accurate and perfect.

Map reporting

The Roomba 960 has the feature to send you a clean map report of the area it cleans.

You get to determine the time needed to clean and the precautions required for cleaning.

Non-stop cleaning

The Roomba 960 will always carry on to give you unlimited cleaning.

No matter whether your bin is emptied or not, it will function to clean.

Entire level cleaning

One of the vital features of the Roomba 960 is its fundamental level of cleaning. Once it starts to clean, it will clean the whole space with its battery.


The Roomba 960 is equipped with a top-mounted camera. Navigating the room becomes perfect with the camera.

Mapping becomes accurate, and the robot can move feasibly from one place to another while cleaning the room.

Roomba 960 vs 890: Common Pros & Cons


  • The hard floors get the best cleaning and sweeping.
  • You can make a routine of cleaning throughout the week without any disturbances.
  • Easy to maintain with phone or tablet.
  • Wi-Fi enables connection with the iRobot Home app and undergoes all the works and commands.
  • Precise cleaning is done within the imaginary boundary created by the robot vacuum.
  • It gives you the signal to clear the bin for a smooth cleaning for a long time.
  • Firm handling is possible due to the righteous handle of the extra grip.
  • Works for a long time with the proper amount of charging. Also, the battery serves for a long time.
  • Any kind of specific spot can be cleaned with the side brushes by spot rotation.
  • The edge of the house can be cleared off well.


  • No HEPA filter
  • Doesn’t show much efficiency on carpet floors. 

Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 890: 


  • The memory mapping of the robot makes the overall navigation pretty convenient and easy.
  • Brush rolls are sufficient enough for the smallest dust and particle removals.
  • Can be used convincingly for pet and children houses
  • Auto docking before the minimal charge limit ensures a good flow of the battery.


    • Its running time could've been more effective if it was more than usual.
    • Not suitable for extensive area cleaning

    Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 960


    • Advanced navigation technology
    • Maps the whole area which it covers while cleaning and functioning
    • Keeps on cleaning until the whole desired place is thoroughly cleaned
    • It continues the cleaning from the point it stops.
    • A camera can be equipped at the top of the robot for precise cleaning and mapping
    • It can navigate multiple rooms with the instruction
    • Scheduling the robot is pretty easy and convenient
    • The cleaning power is 5x more substantial than the usual ones


      • Navigating an area take more time than usual
      • Struggles more with hair and relevant particles

      Price-Quality Ratio of Roomba 890 vs 960

      Based on the performance and review, the Roomba 960 surpasses Roomba 890 by many folds.

      And to avail the better performance, the price of Roomba 960 is also a little bit higher than that of Roomba 890. 

      So, if you are looking for a robust, efficient, fast, and innovative robot vacuum among these two, Roomba 960 should be your preference.

      For a budget friendlier and suitable project, the Roomba 890 is here.

      You can still go for the Roomba 890 if you’re to clean a small area regularly. It won’t have any effect on its work based on what it is used for too.

      Final words

      Both the Roomba 960 and 890 stands out to be two strong robot vacuums in the current market. Undoubtedly, it can be used for any kind of cleaning at home or work.

      So many similarities between them click the user to be friendlier towards any of them.

      If you are looking for a fancy and more advanced one, Roomba 960 is for you. Removing the extra features, Roomba 890 will serve you perfectly.

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