Compare and Review Irobot Roomba 960 vs 980

When you want to have a robot vacuum for heavy-duty purposes, the Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 will surely capture your attention.

These Wi-Fi regulated vacuums ease your cleanings most feasibly.

The Roomba 980 has dual virtual wall mode, whereas the Roomba 960 has a single one. The suction power of the Roomba 980 is also double that of the Roomba 960. Their noise level is not that much different, but the motor of the Roomba 980 is the most updated one.

By now, you must be wondering which one you should get for yourself? The honest and the most accurate information regarding Roomba 960 review and Roomba 980 review have been covered briefly.

You can get the one matching with your desire and needs.

Roomba 960 vs 980: Which is for Whom?

Buy Roomba 960 If-

  •  You want a single virtual wall.
  •  You want an 800 series motor in it.
  •  You want a clear sound from your vacuum.
  •  You want 5x suction power.

Buy Roomba 980 If-

  •  You want 10x suction power.
  •  You want a dual virtual wall.
  •  You want the latest 900 series motor.
  •  You want camera navigation by your robot vacuum.
  •  You want a carpet boost by your robot vacuum.
Roomba 960 vs 980

Roomba 960 vs 980: Head to Head Comparison


Roomba 960

roomba 980

Battery Life

75 minutes

120 Minutes


iAdapt 2

IAdapt 2

Cliff Detection



AeroForce vacuuming technology



Entire level cleaning



Carpet Boost Technology




1 Virtual Wall Barrier

2 Virtual Wall Barriers

Extra Replacement Filter



HEPA filter



Bin capacity



Remote control using an app



Bin indicator



Edge Cleaning



Manual Docking



Spot removal



Carrying Handle



Weight (lbs.)




13.8 x 3.6 inches

13.8 x 3.6 inches


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Roomba 980 vs 960: User Experience Overview

Roomba 960

  • The pet lovers were delighted with the performance of this robot vacuum. Dust and allergens were cleared, and this allowed their pets a safe and decent environment.
  • Although many of them were not satisfied with the robot's performance timing, they were convinced of its cleaning. The corner and cliff detection by the robot vacuum made it an outstanding device to the users.
  • The suction power enabled the users to get their cleaning within a decent time. Their efforts and times were saved, and regular productivity was increased.

Roomba 980

  • Everything about the Roomba 980 made its users happy and satisfying. The power and navigation by the device created feasible cleaning of their rooms. Houses are having children, pets, and birds were gifted a friendly environment to live in.
  • The upgraded motor lasts long. None of them had to redeem its warranty once. The service and efficiency it provides are worth every penny.

Roomba 960 vs 980: Common Features

Serving the purpose that is cleaning, the Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 have some similarities among them.


Both the iRobot comes in pretty much the same design. They are round in shape and have a button on the top of the surface. You get to regulate it manually with those buttons.

Recharge and resume to perform:

The robot vacuums tend to resume automatically after they are charged. When it feels the necessity of recharging after reaching the bottom limit, it returns to the charging dock.

After charging firmly, it gets back to finish the unfinished work it left for recharging. Both the iRobot vacuums have these features that ease your capability of cleaning a large space.

Cleaning wall edges and corner:

One of these robot vacuum's most outstanding features is that it detects the corner of your room firmly and performs accordingly to clean it.

The wall edges having dirt and allergens can be removed with these two robot vacuums. The spinning side of the brush tends to sweep the ground from that space.

Room Navigation:

The Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 give you the best freedom in cleaning an infinite number of rooms on a floor.

The navigation system of the robot vacuums is so effective that it tends to create a temporary map of your room.

With that imaginary map, the robot vacuums work on and get your room cleaned. The voids can clean up to 2,000 sq ft.

Anti-tangle Tech:

The anti-tangle tech features enable the robot vacuums to remain entirely aloof from the wire mesh.

The robots will avoid any kind of mess created by the wire by default. This decreases any kind of accidental or hazardous incident.


You can control both the models of Roomba by iRobot Home App. This app can be downloaded on both android and iPhone.

Scheduling the work, giving the commands, charging, etc. can be managed by this app.

You can also deliver your message by Alexa or Google assistant. Make sure to connect the robot vacuum and your phone with the same Wi-Fi.


Both the Roomba 960 and 980 have HEPA filter in it. The filter assures you to keep the air inside your room pretty clean and fresh. It also doesn't let the absorbed dirt to come out of the room.

Cliff detection:

The cliff detection of these two robots ensures you get the feasible cleaning of your home without the machine's risk getting broken. It detects the level it is working and performs accordingly.


There is a bin that is associated with the robot vacuums. All the dirt and allergens get to be thrown there after cleaning.

You have to clean the container after every cleaning to give a good flow to the robot vacuum's regular activity.

Unique Features of Roomba 960 vs 980 

The unique features set the real competition between the Roomba 960 vs. 980 debate. Comparing their traits and necessities, you get to mark the benefits and purpose of having them.

Roomba 960:

Single Virtual wall:

The Roomba 960 comes with a single virtual wall feature. The cleaning of the room becomes precise and accurate with it. There remains no possibility of making a mess and getting your desired place uncleaned.

5x Suction power:

Having 5x suction power, the Roomba 960 can extract the dirt at a considerable rate. You get to clean the area of your floor or carpet pretty quickly with this power.


The motor of the Roomba 960 is of Roomba's 800 series motor. The performance of the engine so far has been praised a lot by the users. This makes a crucial factor in being less priced and convenient for you.


The lithium-ion battery of the Roomba 960 can last for around 75 minutes.

When it reaches 15% of its remaining battery, it automatically gets to the charging dock. You can set the limit of the automatic charging by yourself.

Roomba 980:

Dual virtual wall:

The Roomba 980 has dual virtual wall features. That means you won't have to worry about the validation of the cleaning by this robot.

Wherever you keep the robot vacuum, it will work assuming two barriers around it. So, the cleaning of that area will be more precise and accurate.

10x suction power:

Coming with ten times suction power, the Roomba 980 will clean your area fast as ever. Also, it gets to save a lot of time in cleaning, to preserve more charges for further uses.


The motor of the Roomba 980 is the newest version of the Roomba. It comes with its brand new 900 series of batteries that last long and serves the best. The unique motor is an exclusive one with its robust longevity and serving capacity.


The battery of the Roomba 980 lasts for around 120 minutes. The power and motor of the robot vacuum make it suitable to run within this time limit.

Carpet boost:

This unique feature makes the robot vacuum suitable to clean the carpets fast. It gets no delay in detecting the mapping while cleaning the carpet and navigates like usual time.

Roomba 980 vs 960: Common Pros & Cons


  • Both can be functioned by phone and app.
  • Has HEPA filter in it
  • Auto recharge and working features
  • Detects the edge and corner of the room and performs
  • Doesn’t tangle with the wires on the way
  • Can detect the stairs and floors
  • Has a bin that can be cleaned


  • Both need to be charged entirely to use. It doesn't resume if disconnected in the middle.

Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 960: 


  • Single virtual wall
  • Average suction power for daily works.
  • Comfortable sound from the machine


    • The battery doesn't last that much longer.

    Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 980


    • Highly efficient suction power
    • Dual virtual wall
    • Great and long-lasting motor


      • The motor consumes too much power and becomes hot.

      Price-Quality Ratio of Roomba 980 vs 960

      We can easily conclude that Roomba 980 is a more advanced and effective robot vacuum than the Roomba 960. Their price range also differs from their scoring rate.

      The Roomba 980, being highly expensive, is not wise to afford for usual mere cleanings. For that, the Roomba 960 can be perfect to have. But their service and longevity will vary a lot.

      Final words

      With proper verification of research, you can get the best among the Roomba 960 vs. 980 for your purposes.

      Although 980 leads the race in many cases, you won't be dissatisfied by the performance and traits of the 960.

      As the robot vacuums must serve you much, you should also ensure their proper maintenance in return. Don't overcharge or misuse machine to expect a long and healthy service from the iRobot vacuums.

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