Compare and Review Irobot Roomba 980 vs 985

Being arguably the best innovation of the brand Roomba, the Roomba 980 and Roomba 985 have been very clinical and efficient among the robot vacuums.

Their traits and provision have been unique and efficient for all types of cleanings.

The 2-dual mode wall virtual wall barrier makes the Roomba 980 superior to the 1-dual mode Roomba 985. Also, model 980 possesses severe and efficient suction than the Roomba 985. But all these makes the Roomba 980 pricey than the Roomba 985.

But that doesn't end them all. Most of their outstanding features are familiar to each other. Comparing both of them, only a handful amount of information stands to set them different.

Our expert team preferred the best traits to be upheld for the reviewing. You'll get to have more legit and authentic information in this article than the separate Roomba 980 review and Roomba 985 review.

Without any delay, move further to explore the robot vacuums.

Roomba 980 vs 985: Which is for Whom?

Buy Roomba 980 If-

  •  You want great suction of your robot vacuum.
  •  You want quick cleaning.
  •  You want a 2-dual mode virtual wall barrier.

Buy Roomba 985 If-

  •  You want a 1-dual mode virtual wall barrier.
  •  You want slow and steady finishing of your cleaning.
  •  You want a cliff detector in your robot vacuum.
Roomba 980 vs 985

Roomba 960 vs 980: Head to Head Comparison


Roomba 980

roomba 985

Battery Life

120 minutes

120 Minutes




Cliff Detection



AeroForce vacuuming technology



Carpet Boost Technology




1 Virtual Wall Barrier

2 Virtual Wall Barriers

Extra Replacement Filter



HEPA filter



Bin capacity



Remote control using an app



Bin indicator



Edge Cleaning



Manual Docking



Spot removal




iAdapt 2.0

IAdapt 2.0

Weight (lbs.)




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Irobot Roomba 960 vs 980

Roomba 980 vs 985: User Experience Overview

After analyzing all the Roomba 980 reviews and Roomba 985 reviews, we'll share the feedback from the users themselves.

The users have expressed both negative and affirmative views on the robot vacuums. Most of them were pretty much satisfied with what the robot vacuums provide. Let's see what they got for us.

Roomba 980

  • The Roomba 980 stood out to be the most unique and modern robot vacuum to many. Mostly to the ones who've been using vacuums for years. All the features of this fantastic robot vacuum became worthy of purchase.
  • For regular and quick cleanings, the robot vacuum stood to be a feasible one—the ease and perfection of using it for various purposes nails it for the customers.
  • Being a high priced one never became an issue for the customers. The facility it provides, and the traits it got, covers all the doubts of being a pricy one.

Roomba 985

  • The users liked the robot’s steadiness. Accuracy and finishing in cleaning a place up satisfied the users.
  • Also, many of them used the robot for cleaning the open floors. Cliff detection technology became valuable and useful in the case. Also, the wall detection technology finally benefitted them for mass cleaning.
  • Although the suction power could've been better, yet it was never less useful. The perfection of the robot vacuum overshadowed the time it takes to clean the place up.

Roomba 985 vs 980: Common Features

The standard features of Roomba 980 vs 985 are pretty impressive. You find many similarities between them. They are quite versatile and friendly for your daily works.

Take a look at the features.

Navigation and mapping

Both the Roomba 980 and 985 uses the iAdapt 2.0 technology. The feature assures better movement and alignment by the robot vacuum.

There is also feasibility in equipping a camera on the robot vacuum. Better navigation at home and workplace can be ensured convincingly by it.

Wi-Fi enabled

One of the most exciting features of the iRobot is that they can be connected via Wi-Fi. That means you get to regulate it on your own. Just download the iRobot Home app and get access to it.

The robots can be controlled by your phone. Make sure to connect the phone and robot vacuum with the same Wi-Fi. You can even use Google Assistant or Alexa to generate commands and regulations for the robot vacuum.

Floor cleaning selection

The extractors of the robots are brushless. They never discriminate in cleaning on the type of floor. That is, whether you give them to clean a carpet or a bare floor, the robots will do the task convincingly.


Both the iRobots have dual-mode virtual wall barrier. The cleaning becomes more precise and accurate. Also, you get safe control of your robot vacuum by default.

Dirt detection and cleaning

The robots generate 3-stage cleaning. They are suction, collection, and filtration. The powerful motor and efficient filter assure the work to be done accurately.


The Roomba 980 and 985 use gen three motors. These motors are ten times powerful than the 600 series motors. The accuracy and longevity of the engine are beyond appreciation.

HEPA Filter

The Roomba 985 and 980 both come with a highly efficient HEPA filter. The dirt detection of the filter is robust and accurate. 99% of the detected dirt and debris remains confined by it. Also, no portion of the dust is released from the robot to the outer surface.

Battery & Bin

When the battery is charged full, you get to use it for 120 minutes. Within that period, you can quickly get the best cleaning out of your robot vacuum. A 0.5L bin is attached with both the robot vacuums.

Unique Features of Roomba 980 vs 985

Like every robot vacuum, the Roomba 980 and Roomba 985 possess some uniqueness. This assures them to be used for specific purposes.

Without any further justification, let’s dive into their unique features.

Unique Features of Roomba 980

Side brush

There is an extra side brush that is available with the Roomba 980. Sweeping the hard floor from dust and allergens becomes more accessible and accurate with it.

Power lifting suction

The power lifting suction of the Roomba 980 is 10x compared to the other. Your cleaning tends to be more accurate and faster than the other robot vacuums.

Virtual wall barriers

There are two dual-mode virtual wall barriers enabled with the Roomba 980. You get to detect and set the border within your cleaning region. It remains aloof from objects and causes no accident to your house.

Unique Features of Roomba 985

Virtual wall barriers

The Roomba 985 has one dual-mode virtual wall barrier. You might not be precise in securing it from the objects. The durability of the robot keeps it safe anyway. Cleaning within the bounded region can be done convincingly.

Cliff detection

The Roomba 985 possesses the cliff detection feature. Detecting the floor and stairs ahead of it is an outstanding feature of the robot. This minimizes the risk of the robot to lose its path and cause an accident.

Roomba 985 vs 980: Common Pros & Cons

Our expert team has regulated many research types about the typical pros and cons of the Roomba 985 vs 980. The users and our team used it for many purposes and noticed some traits and lacking equally in both the models. Let’s see about them.

Common Pros

  • The robots are efficient for homes having pets like cats and dogs.
  • Can remain secured for houses of children.
  • Capable of cleaning both the carpets and hardwood floors.
  • The battery can sustain for long life without any disturbance and error.
  • High standard cleaning by detecting the dirt and furniture of the room.

Common Cons

  • The bin could've been more significant to provide a better service.
  • The movement might lack because of the wheel. It needs to be checked frequently.

Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 980: 


  • The power suction of the robot is pretty hard and robust.
  • The extra brush will boost your dust cleaning more accurately.
  • Can be used for quick cleanings of heavy-duty purpose.


    • The battery exerts extra pressure on it due to heavy usage.

    Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 985


    • The durability of the robot vacuum assures you to work well for a long time.
    • Battery consuming rate is less. That ensures long service without any disturbance.


      • The suction rate might lack among the others.

      Price-Quality Ratio of Roomba 980 vs 985

      Choosing a vacuum between the Roomba 980 vs 985 is one of the most challenging decisions you'll have to make. Most of their features being similar make them demandable in the market.

      But the extra uniqueness of the Roomba 980 seemed to be a little superior to the Roomba 985. For that reason, the Roomba 980 will cash you little than the Roomba 985.

      But the Roomba 985 is never the one to be underestimated. It still stands to be the best in the market within its price range and limitations.

      Final words

      After a brief discussion between the Roomba 980 review and Roomba 985 review, you must've got a clear idea about them. Their uniqueness and common traits indeed ponder the preferable one to select among them in your mind.

      To be straightforward, if you want to get the best benefit and never-ending serving with some extra money, the Roomba 980 is for you. When the issue is with cash, the Roomba 985 will back you up with all its traits.

      All the information about the robot vacuums is proven. So without any objection in your mind, you can trust any of them for your regular cleaning.

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