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Irobot Roomba e5 vs 675: Which Roomba Vacuum Cleaner to Go WIth?

Amid a roomba e5 vs 675 battle, you'll get to see a lot of differences.

The roomba 675 has a robust bumper for good protection, whereas the roomba e5 focuses more on smart navigation. The roomba e5 provides rubber brush-roll, whereas the roomba 675 has the bristle one. You'll need to put obstacles manually for the roomba 675 whereas the roomba e5 does it virtually.

Considering these robot vacuums will be very fruitful for your home cleaning. But which one you should go to?

You'll get to know your desired robot vacuum after we take you deeper in roomba e5 vs 675 comparisons.

Roomba e5 vs 675- Which Is For Whom?

The two outstanding robot vacuum roomba e5 and 675 have their functions to fulfill. Their purpose and service will suit you differently.

Buy Roomba e5 If-

  •  You want a neat and tidy environment having a pet in your house.
  •  You want great cleanings of your house corner.
  •  You want a bigger bin

Buy Roomba 675 If-

  •  You want to clean your floor and carpets regularly.
  •  You want a robust and durable robot vacuum.
  •  You want a good charge station of your vacuum
Roomba e5 vs 675

Roomba e5 vs 675: Head to Head Comparison


Roomba e5

roomba 675




Run time

90 Minutes

90 minutes

iAdapt navigation






Virtual wall Devices



Wi-Fi enabled



Spot cleaning



Battery Voltage

14.4 V

14.8 V

Full charge time

120 Minutes

120 Minutes

3 types of cleaning



suction Power



HEPA filter



Height detector



App configuration




13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches

13.4 x 13.4 x 3.7 inches


1 Year

1 Year





User Experience Overview of Roomba 675 vs e5

After using Roomba e5 vs 675, the users have stated their opinion and comments about the products. Both good and bad vibes have been expressed under their circumstances. Let's see what they've got for us.

Roomba e5

  • Being a pet-friendly robot vacuum, the users were very much happy and satisfied with its function. Its cleaning system satisfied them all. They stated that their home remains cleaner than ever after they've brought the pet.
  • The robot vacuum works superbly on hard floors. All kinds of dirt can be trapped by this vacuum. The bin management of the robot vacuum is also said to be amazing. Maintaining it very easily with or without app made them fall for it.
  • Some were disturbed regarding weak navigation. But, the virtual wall feature covered it all. The users were amazed by the virtual wall feature and were never tired of praising it.

Roomba 675

  • The model is very convenient for quick cleanings according to its users. It also lasts long to serve you convincingly. It sweeps the dirt so perfectly that they could even walk barely footed on the floor.
  • Within its price range, the users expressed it as one of the convenient robot vacuums to have. Also, it is very robust and durable to serve you long enough.
  • It is very easy to regulate. Also, the manual cleaning feature of the roomba 675 has been a great sort of priority to the users. Whatever the cleaning is for, it never lacks in giving a tough cleaning.
  • Although the vacuum shows some complications towards mending the pet, it can also be used in a house having pets. A lot of users have used it and expressed quite satisfactions. Although, they suggested that it needs a lot of improvement for the purpose.

Common Features of Roomba e5 and 675

When you compare Roomba e5 and 675 face to face, you'll ponder some similarities between them. Let's take a look at some of them:


The look of both the roomba e5 and 675 is quite similar. Both come in round and their color seems to be quite identical. Apart from the other key features it has, you can hardly catch their out-look differences.

The dimension of the roomba e5 is 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches whereas the roomba 675 comes in 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.7 inches.

Both of them are designed to be feasible under furniture. Their height is not the same but, it doesn't change the outlook of the vacuums.

Both their bodies are made up of the round plastic case. 


Both the roomba e5 and 675 are maintained with crucial navigation features. They tend to operate as a whole with their quick and feasible sensors.

The sensors are spread all over the case. It has cliff and anti-collision groups on them. This feature allows the obstacles to remaining aloof from any kind of collision.


Air treatment of both robot vacuums are quite standard and highly appreciated. The filter of the robot vacuums can trap up to 99% of the dirt inside it. Hardly it leaves any dirt to pass outside.

The filter plays a favorable role if you have a pet in the house. You can easily clean the place and remove the pet hair or dirt with these robot vacuums having this high-efficiency filter.


You can easily maintain and monitor the roomba e5 and roomba 675 having the iRobot home app. Connect the robot vacuum and instruction device with the same Wi-Fi. The instruction to navigate and clean your house can be done by processing it via the iRobot home app.

Google Assistant and Alexa can be used to give the orders and schedule your tasks in the future. Maintaining a timely schedule along with good cleaning is very much possible with this connectivity feature.

Cleaning modes:

Both the models of the robot vacuum cleaner can undergo the 3 stages of cleaning. They are the normal cleaning mode, manual cleaning mode, and spot cleaning mode.

You get to have a normal cleaning mode by default. The manual cleaning mode is assigned by the technology and spot cleaning mode ensures cleaning only a specific are.

These characteristics make the robot vacuums very crucial to have.

Pet friendly:

The multi-surface brushes of the robot vacuums are very effective in cleaning the floor when you have a pet in the house. Also. It never gets tangles to the pet hair.

The highly efficient filter enables a good suction to provide a good environment for pets.


The drop and dirt sensors of the robot vacuums ensure to determine the type of object it usually finds in front of it. It detects the quality of the object and then operates further cleaning.


You'll require extra tools or complications to set up the roomba e5 and 675. They come as a whole unit. Just unpack them, charge and use it accordingly for excellent cleaning.

Unique features of Roomba e5 and 675

Amid all these similarities, you'll see some specialties when comparing the roomba e5 and 675. These are the factors that make them special and unique than others.

Roomba e5:


The roomba e5 extracts the dirt at a constant speed of 5x power lifting suction. It cleans the floor having a 3-stage premium cleaning system. There remain no chances of missing out any kind of dirt. 


The roomba e5 has an automatic virtual wall sensor. It can navigate all the obstacles it possesses in front of the vacuum.  Nevertheless, its height sensor is also very crucial in determining the height level when it works inside furniture.

Regular cleaning:

The robot vacuum roomba e5 is very vital when you are to make daily cleanings. It suits the purpose of impressively. Not only that, you can use it at your office too. From floors of tile or mats to wood, it can eliminate any dirt convincingly.

Parts and accessories:

The roomba e5 has a charging base and a virtual wall. The base tends to provide charge to the unit when it stands above it. It starts to work as soon as it comes and generates automatically.

The roomba e5 comes with a bin capacity of 14.2 oz.

Onboard camera:

The roomba e5 has an onboard camera to nail the navigation. It makes a vital role in ensuring a visual map within the robot.

Hepa Filter:

The Hepa filter of the roomba e5 is very crucial in suctioning the dense dirt. It is a very unique one and ensures you keep the area 100% cleaned.

Roomba 675:


The edge sweeping brush of the roomba 675 is very critical in cleaning the floors alongside your sofas. This 3-stage cleaning system makes it a favorable one for regular purposes.


The roomba 675 has a bumper around the vacuum. This makes it very safe and sound when colliding with any obstacles. The whole thing remains robust and workable for further uses.

Parts and accessories:

Coming with a charging station, line cord, one extra filter, a flat cleaning tool, and an owner's manual, you get the best out of the roomba 675.

The charging as well as maintaining it becomes easy and suitable for having all this stuff.

The bin of the roomba 675 is of 20 oz.

You can easily see how vitally unique the roomba e5 is then the roomba 675. Considering the common features among them, roomba 675 is a decent one to purchase but the roomba e5 will elevate your cleaning to a whole new level.

Common Pros & Cons of Roomba e5 and 675


  • Has compatible sensors and good navigations.
  • Can charge automatically after plugging it.
  • Tends to shut-off automatically.
  • The variable suction makes a great room for cleaning.
  • Works on all types of floor.
  • Voice-controlled.
  • Can be regulated by your smart-phone through Wi-Fi.
  • Can run for 90 minutes at a stretch without any errors.
  • The robust bin of the vacuums can be very beneficial for it


  • The bin jams and creates disturbances if not cleaned regularly.
  • Once you discharge the vacuum in the middle of charging, it will start from the first again.
  • You need to keep it charged fully to avail the best out of it every time.
  • No virtual wall devices.

Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba e5


  • Very affordable and price friendly.
  • A HEPA filter is fixed in it.
  • Full bin indicator enabled.
  • Pet friendly.
  • Height adjustment features.
  • Great suction power.
  • Visual mapping of the floor.


    • No navigation.
    • Less durable to withstand any adverse situation.
    • Small bin size.

    Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 675


    • Very easy to clean.
    • High remarkable charging station.
    • Can be monitored easily.
    • Robust and strong bumper.
    • Deep cleaner of sofas alongside floors.


      • Aimless in terms of cleaning corners.
      • Weak detection of dense dirt.
      • Average Suction Power

      Final words: 

      When the purpose is for cleaning, you undoubtedly keep your trust in both the roomba e5 and 675. Both these having a lot of things in common will serve you massively.

      But their uniqueness makes them ahead of one another. At certain times, the roomba 675 looks to be quite purchasable whereas the Roomba e5 outclasses the roomba 675 with its features.

      After you compare roomba e5 vs 675, you will convincingly see their uniqueness, greatness, and ease of adapting them. The rest depends on your purchase and the way of using them.

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