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Irobot Roomba e5 vs 690: Which one is ideal for you?

Among the best robot manufacturers in the world, the brand Roomba is a prominent one. For the past 2 decades, it has continuously produced some of the most amazing robot vacuums globally. 

Nevertheless, it has successfully gone on to have various upgrades and modifications in the models.

You'll see the impact when you compare Roomba e5 and 690, two of the most prominent robot vacuums of the brand.

Some major differences among the models are visible when you get to know about them.

The Roomba 690 has a bristle brush extractor while the e5 has brushless rollers. HEPA quality filter comprises the Roomba 690, whereas the e5 model consists of a standard filter. The bumper of Roomba e5 is stronger, whereas the Roomba 690 has vital ledge detection.

Roomba e5 vs 690: Which is for Whom?

Although there are a lot of similarities between the two drives, you should still pick the one that is more suited to your specific needs.

Buy Roomba e5 if:

  •  You want the highest coverage cleaning
  •  You want a good power suction
  •  You want a better bin
  •  You want to buy a vacuum at a low price
  •  You want an washable dust cup
  •  You want a good durable bumper

Buy Roomba 690 if:

  •  You want HEPA filter in your vacuum
  •  You want ledge detection feature
  •  You want more technological biased features
  •  You want virtual wall mode.
Roomba e5 vs 690

Roomba e5 vs 690: Head to Head Comparison


Roomba e5

roomba 690

Battery life

90 Minutes

90 Minutes

HEPA Filtration



Dust cup



Camera Navigation




1800mAh lithium-ion

1800mAh lithium-ion

Mobile App



Side Brushes

Rubber brush

bristle brush

Voice controls



Dirt detector



Extra Filter



Virtual wall mode



Automatic docking and charging



Bin capacity

0.5 liter

0.3 Liter





1 year

1 Year


13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches

13 x 13 x 3.6 inches


User Experience Overview of Roomba 690 vs e5

The users after using the robot vacuums have come to various views. Most of them appreciated the machine very much while some of them couldn't find it much interesting. Let's make a descriptive view of the Roomba e5 vs 690 user experiences.

Roomba e5

  • The pet lovers were very much happy after using this robot vacuum. To them, the Roomba e5 has been a blessing to their home, removing all the dust and allergens of their house.
  • Using the Roomba e5 is very easy and friendly according to them. With fewer complications and easy instructions, the users have maintained the robot vacuum quite convincingly.
  • Sometimes, the robot vacuum seemed to be noisy. But it works so fast that you won't have to deal with it for a long time. The quick productivity and cleaning by the machine cover up the noisy feature.

Roomba 690

  • The virtual wall mode of the robot vacuum seemed to be very favorable to the users. They have termed it as an exciting feature and enabled it with the highest cleaning facility.
  • The carpets, tiled floors, mosaic floor, etc. can be cleaned nicely with this robot vacuum. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the highest cleaning facility when you use it for heavy purposes.
  • The robot vacuum's ledge detection feature made it very easy and convenient for users to maintain a further cleaning environment. Checking every ledge and getting is fully cleaned made the users highly appreciate it.
  • The bin needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, you won't be getting a good flow of cleaning.

Common Features of Roomba e5 vs 690

In the Roomba e5 vs 690 comparisons, you'll find a good number of similarities. These similarities stand out to be vital common features of these two robots.

Let's see what we found common between them.


Both the Roomba e5 and 690 has a quite similar design. They come in round shape comprising the button on top of them. The robot vacuums move around automatically and the buttons monitor them manually.

Sensor and navigation:

Both models have a good sensor and navigation system. They ought to move carefully detecting the objects in front of them.

Robots can detect the type of dirt. After detecting them, they perform the actions accordingly.

Besides, they are also capable of capturing the path covered by them. This assures the robots to have a confined capture of cleaning the area.


Both the models have their side rollers to consider the perfect cleaning. This enables them to cover the hard floors as well as carpets.

Even if you have a pet in your house, the vacuums will clean the allergens most conveniently. Dust particles and dense dirt can also be cleaned with the brushes.

Automatic recharge:

The robot vacuum is very much active in having automatic recharge feasibility. Right after the finishing of their charge, they go to their charging dock and charges accordingly.

Right after they are charged, you can assign them their post charging task too.

Technologically biased:

You can easily monitor the Roombae5 and 690 by your smartphone. For that, you'll require them to be connected by the iRobot Home App.

In this app, you'll get all the options to give commands and set the work for them. Apart from that, you can also schedule the cleaning time of the robots accordingly.

Charge and Runtime:

The robot vacuums take 180 minutes to be fully charged. They don't resume if disconnected from the middle of their charging. You can use them for 90 minutes at a stretch.


The models will provide you a good tendency of a clam environment. Very less amount of sounds is produced by it. You won't have any disturbance while cleaning the floor by operating it.


The Roomba e5 and Roomba 690 comes with a 1-year overall warranty. You also get a 30 days money back feasibility of the product inside the North America region.

Unique features of Roomba e5 vs 690

The unique features of the Roomba 690 vs e5 ease the conclusion of putting verdicts on them. Their outstanding feature will finalize your thoughts on which one to purchase.

Roomba e5:

Rubber brush roller:

The rubber brush roller of the Roomba e5 stands out to be a major feature. The roller is bristle-free keeping good feasibility for cleaning.

Instead, the device has rubber brush rolls that are very active in getting a good cleaning. The hard floors will be easily cleaned alongside detecting the dirt type if finds.


The Roomba e5 has good coverage ability. It tends to clean a certain area very quickly. Within its whole Runtime, you get to clean 1600-1800 square feet cleaned fully.


The 3-staged cleaning system of the Roomba e5 has 5x powerful extraction. Any dense dirt on the floor can be cleaned very easily.

Carpets as well as sofas can also be cleaned with this robot vacuum. If you have a pet in your house, you can stay aloof from worrying about the allergen contamination from it.


The bin of Roomba e5 is 500 ml. It is fully detachable and washable. Cleaning it from time to time enables you to have a good flow of cleaning by the machine.

Parts and accessories:

The inside box of the Roomba e5 has a charging dock, a bin, a cord, and a filter. The filter of the Roomba e5 is very much strong. It tends to keep 99% dirt inside while operating.

No matter how heavily you use the Roomba e5, it will never fail to provide you the best service in your regular cleaning. The features as well the configurations are a developer with high performing functions.

Roomba 690:

iAdapt Technology:

The iAdapt Technology of the Roomba 690 makes it a very crucial one. It tends to adapt to the whole environment it is to clean. Not only that, it sets a visual representation of the map of the floor too.

Whether you use the machine at home or the office, you can easily get the perfect access to it.

Smart Home assistant:

You can easily give the command and instructions to the Roomba 690 by Alexa and Google Assistant. It will capture the commands and do the work accordingly.

These systems can easily instruct the prep schedule, post schedule, working time, etc.. Apart from that, you can make the best use of them in terms of giving on-going commands.


The 3-stage cleaning by the Roomba 690 is a vital feature. No matter how you use it on the floor or the carpets, you get to have the best use of it.

It can also detect the dirt and denseness of the dirt in front of it. Depending on the type, it works on it accordingly.

Ledge detection:

The Roomba 690 tends to have hood ledge detection while cleaning. The advanced mapping and sensor of the device enabled it to have so.

Not only that, you can easily get the best cleaning in that area. The power and the cleaning system are developed keeping that in mind.

Virtual wall:

The Roomba 690 having virtual wall features extends its cleaning by many folds. It assures that you get a good amount of cleaning within the shortest time. Apart from that, the overall protection of the room is also ensured by the robot vacuum while cleaning.

Common Pros & Cons of Roomba e5 and 690


  • Can access under furniture due to lower center gravity
  • Good battery life
  • Sensible sensor and navigation
  • Can be commanded easily
  • Scheduling is enabled
  • Made suitable for both hard floors and carpets
  • Cleaning time is very suitable


  • Do not have a fixed moving sequence
  • No resuming the unfinished charging

Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba e5


  • Have great suction power
  • Enabled with a rubber brush roller
  • Covers a massive area
  • Large bin
  • Lower in Price


    • No HEPA filtration system.

    Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 690


    • HEPA quality filter included
    • It has dual virtual wall barrier
    • Has ledge detection
    • Technologically friendlier


      • Operates slowly

      Parting words: 

      You'll see a lot of similarities and differences when you compare the Roomba e5 and 690. Owing to your desire and expectations, both the robot vacuum possesses the ability to satisfy your cleaning.

      By this time, you must be wondering why the brand has introduced the different models if both of them are well enough. Their unique features ensure you to get the highest assist with the updated world.

      Just like the Roomba 690 is easy to use and maintain, you won't get the perfect cleaning from it as you get from the Roomba e5.

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