Irobot Roomba e5 vs 960: What is the difference between them?

The robot vacuum has become one of the most desirable innovations in the modern world. Although it came way before it became popular, the advent has created massive feasibility in people's regular lives.

Roomba e5 and 960 are enough to make your regular cleaning more efficient. Your daily works will be more productive owing to worry less about your daily cleanings.

The Roomba e5 is enabled with iAdapt 1.0 navigation while the 960 model has iAdapt 2.0 VSLAM navigation. The Roomba 960 comes with a camera to ease the work, whereas the Roomba e5 has none. The battery of the Roomba 960 (2600mAh) is also superior to that of the Roomba e5 (1800mAh) but it lasts less time.

You'll get to see a lot more characteristics when you compare the Roomba e5 and Roomba 960.  

Roomba e5 vs 960: Which is for Whom?

Buy Roomba e5 If-

  •  You want iAdapt 1.0 navigation
  • You want a good vacuum at a fair price
  •  You want a larger bin.
  •  You want a long-lasting battery

Buy Roomba 960 If-

  •  You want iAdapt 2.0 VSLAM navigation
  •  You want dual virtual wall mode
  •  You want a definite cleaning sequence
  • You want HEPA filter in your vacuum
Roomba e5 vs 960

Roomba e5 vs 960: Head to Head Comparison


Roomba e5

roomba 960


13.8×13.8×3.6 inches

13.3×13.3×3.6 inches


iAdapt 2.0 VSLAM

iAdapt 1.0


90 minutes

90 Minutes


2600mAh lithium-ion

1800mAh lithium-ion

Suction power



Automatic Recharge



HEPA Filter



Dirt Detection Sensors



Carpet Boost



Drop Sensors



Bump Sensors



Voice Controls



Mobile App



Side Brushes

1 side brush

1 side brush


0.5 liter

0.3 liter


1 year

1 Year


User Experience Overview of Roomba 960 vs e5

Many users have shared their experience on the performance, usefulness, and advantages of roomba 960 vs e5.

They have also pointed out the limitations and issues they have faced on either of these portable units.

Roomba e5

  • The pet lovers have praised the vacuum very much. The powerful suction by the robot vacuum assures a good environment for the pets and the children.
  • This robot vacuum tends to show its functioning on both the hard floors and soft carpets. Even the owners of wooden floors were very much satisfied with its cleaning.
  • The height detection ability of the robot vacuum makes it favorable to work under the furniture. The users did the work perfectly and got the best out of it.
  • The random moving and cleaning of the robot vacuum at times made it difficult for the users to detect it. This makes the operation comparatively slower than ever.

Roomba 960

  • The owners of dogs and toddlers have felt the great ease of the presence of the Roomba 960 robot vacuum. The robot vacuum kept the environment safe and sound for them.
  • Cleaning the floor pretty much quickly is what the users have rated the most. Coming with great power and long battery time, the users have experienced the whole cleaning of their floor.
  • Although the battery is very robust and modified, its running time disappointed the users. They expected more of the running time from it.

Common Features of Roomba e5 vs 960

The Roomba 960 vs e5 comparisons will bring a lot of common features among them.


The extracting power of the Roomba e5 and Roomba 960 is outstanding when you compare it with any robot vacuum. They have 5x powerlifting suction. Means, it extracts the dirt and allergens 5 times more efficiently.

Again, this power suction feature ensures the robot vacuums to complete its task very quickly. Nevertheless, it always completes the task as instructed and does it perfectly.

Auto charge: 

The auto-charge feature of both these robot vacuum models is outstanding. They can return to their charging dock to recharge their batteries.

You can set the charge limit to do so. Normally, the limit is set to 15%. When the vacuum comes to that range, it will automatically go to its dock and start charging.

High-efficiency filters:

The iRobot vacuums come with robust filters to extract most of the dust and other components in it. More than 99% of the extracted dust and allergens remain confined inside the vacuum.

Also, the Roomba e5 and Roomba 960 is featured with HEPA filter. This modified filter keeps the environment of the air clean and tidy.

Brush-less rollers: 

The rollers of Roomba e5 and 960 are fully brushless. That means you won't have to face many complications in maintaining and using it. Apart from that, it serves better than the brush adjustable vacuums.

Mobile & Wi-Fi regulated: 

You can maintain and conduct the robot vacuums using your phone. For that, you have to install the iRobot Home App. Then, you'll be able to sync it with your robot vacuum using the same Wi-Fi.

Calibration will be done and it will lead you towards controlling the robot vacuums. Apart from that, you can also have access to it by Alexa or Google Assistant. Giving commands, scheduling the future work, charging, etc. can be done convincingly.

Dirt Detection: 

The Roomba e5 and 960 have the amazing traits of detecting eh type of dirt it will work upon. The advanced sensor can detect the density and medium of the dirt.

Depending on that, the vacuum performs its cleaning accordingly. Their 3 staged cleaning system works efficiently and give you the perfect cleaning of your floor or carpet.


The design of both these models is pretty much similar. Both of them come in a circular shape. The regulating buttons are located at the top of the robot vacuum. There is a clean button that is used to turn the robots' cleaning operation.


Both the Roomba e5 and 960 comes with gen 2 motors. The high performing motor assures you to get excellent cleaning at your home or workplace.

Enhancing the battery life, the motor fulfills the tasks by the vacuum pretty decently.

Unique features of Roomba 960 vs e5: 

The main thing that builds up your choice in choosing one between the Roomba e5 vs 960 is their unique features. These features will suit you up to have them as your regular companion in cleaning.

Roomba e5:


The Roomba e5 has the SLAM technology in mapping the floor. It moves randomly and does the work. Coming with iAdapt 1.0, it maps the path it covers while cleaning. With its highly intensive cleaning, the robot vacuum always ends up fulfilling its task.

Battery and runtime: 

The battery of the Roomba e5 can perform for 90 minutes without any rest. It takes around 180 mins for the battery to charge fully.

The 1800mAh serves well to regulate for a long time. But you have to recharge the battery of the vacuum full without giving a break. It doesn't resume from the place it is made detached.

Bin capacity: 

The bin capacity of the Roomba e5 is of 0.3 liters. You can wash the bin and use it for further purposes.

Roomba 960: 


The Roomba 960 comes with the highly advanced iAdapt 2.0 VSLAM navigation. It enables the robot vacuum to set the target automatically for cleaning purposes.

The cleaning area's navigation is done very precisely and carefully, providing the highest performing function to it. A camera is also fitted to it to navigate the paths perfectly.

Boundary Marking: 

The Roomba 960 comes with dual virtual wall mode. The precision of cleaning becomes more accurate within a certain range.

Also, the vacuum goes on to do the cleaning within a specific line of range. This makes the cleaning more accurate and proper decorum is maintained.


The battery of the Roomba 960 is an outstanding one. The 2600mAh battery serves the best for cleaning a large arena.

The runtime of the battery is of 75 minutes before going to the charging dock. The powerful battery requires approximately 180 minutes to charge fully.


The Roomba 960 has a good 0.5-liter bin. Wash the bin frequently for having a smooth running of the vacuum.

Common Pros & Cons of Roomba e5 and 960


  • High performing vacuum
  • Charges automatically after returning to the dock
  • Can be monitored by smartphone
  • The brushless rollers ease the way to maintain them
  • The gen 2 motors are very productive and efficient


  • The bins of the robot vacuums are pretty hard to clean and maintain
  • Both the vacuums do not have edge cleaning mode
  • The robot vacuums don't support repetitive cleaning

Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba e5


  • SLAM technology in navigation
  • Moves randomly while cleaning
  • Preferable runtime


    • Randomizes cleaning pattern
    • No HEPA Filtration system.

    Unique Pros & Cons of Roomba 960


    • iAdapt 2.0 VSLAM navigation enabled
    • Comes with dual virtual wall mode
    • Maintains a definite sequence of cleaning


      • The battery doesn't last long enough
      • Small bin size

      Parting words: 

      Comparing the Roomba e5 vs 960 will bring out many results and outcomes in your favor. Their uniqueness will be the factor to decide the adaptability of it. Again, the purpose of getting either one of them might be the same.

      Whatever the goal is, none of them will go backward in serving you. You'll get the best of your cleanings with these two robot vacuums.

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