Compare and Review Kreg K4 vs K5

When you’re working with wood, metal, or any other material of that sort, the bare minimum you should know is that you have to hold them steadily so that you can work efficiently.

A professional’s choice in such a situation is to use a jig. For years, Kreg has been dishing out jigs that have stolen the hearts of many. 2 of their most prized products are the Kreg jig K4 and Kreg jig K5.

While the Kreg K4 is designed to favor DIY woodworkers with its affinity for small scale projects and an affordable price tag, the Kreg K5 is built to be used in large scale works thanks to its enhanced features, making it a powerful pocket tool.

If you’re looking to compare these two fine tools, today is your lucky day. I’ll go in-depth and discuss everything you would need to know about Kreg K4 vs K5. Stay tuned.

Kreg K4 vs K5: Which is for Whom?

Buy Kreg K4 If You-

  •  Want an affordable jig
  •  Plan to do small scale works
  •  Like minimum wood chipping
  •  Are a DIY enthusiast

Buy Kreg K5 If You-

  •  Want an enhanced pocket machine
  •   Are going to do large scale works
  •  Prefer accuracy
  •  Need support wings for wider work pieces
  •  A professional woodworker.
Kreg k4 vs k5

Kreg K4 vs K5: Head to Head Comparison

While you might think “they are close models, the difference shouldn’t be that much?” But they are actually counterparts in nature.

A side by side look at the features of Kreg jig K4 vs K5 could give you an easier time finding out which one of these you want:


Kreg K4

Kreg k5




Designed for

DIY enthusiasts

Hardcore Woodworkers

Clamp position



Drill guide



Storage wings



Clamping system

Clamping recess

Ratcheting clamp

Dust collection system

Dust Collection Shroud

Swiveling dust collection




Weight (lbs.)




Kreg K5 vs k4: User Experience Overview

Kreg K4

  • The user-friendliness was really appreciated.
  • It was found by the users that using this product for pocket screwing and end-screwing delivers different results.
  • Users noticed the collar depth screw gets loose from impact.
  • People liked how the clamping recess allows for easy work piece switching.

Kreg K5

  • Workers found this tool to be very handy as it adjusts to various thicknesses easily and has superior strength.
  • Few reports complained about the flimsy dust collector port.
  • Having accurate drill bit inclusion was loved by users.
  • It was loved how support wings managed to provide stability to the work piece.

Kreg k5 vs k4: Common Features


Kreg products are known for their durability. If you purchase a Kreg jig, you can expect it to give you a solid performance.

Reinforced body

Both of the products are made out of hard glass-reinforced nylon, making it sturdy and light at the same time.

Easy operation

Kreg welcomes newbies with open arms. They specially design their products to be friendly for new enthusiasts so they can feel at home and learn quickly.

3-hole drill guide

The 3-hole guide is a patented feature of Kreg. This drill guide lets you precise pocket holes ranging from various widths and thickness starting from ½ inch to 1-1/2 inches, incrementing on every 1/8 inch.

Better angles

Kreg boasts optimized work angles making your work minimum yet efficient. This is one of the features that make Kreg shine brighter than its competitors.

Unique features of Kreg K4 vs K5

Clamp position

The first and foremost thing you would notice is the place where the clamps are mounted. At the same time, the K4 jig comes with a rear mount clamp while the K5 jig positions its clamp at the front end.

An outsider would think there is no difference but, with a Kreg jig K5, you don’t have to go around your work piece to clamp it. It saves a lot of time when you’re working on over100 work pieces a day.

Clamping system

The Kreg K4 has a clamping recess that allows it to attach itself to anywhere on the workbench; afterwards, all you need to do is attach the work piece. Then using the markings, you have to secure it with a brass pin.

In contrast, the ratcheting clamp of Kreg K5 pocket hole jig provides more convenience. You just have to slide your piece in and move the handle, if it makes 2 clicks, then everything is in place.

Drill guide placement

The K4 lets you place the drill guide in place with the help of a thumbscrew bolt. While this is a decent way to fix your drill guide, it tends to get loose due to vibrations when you work for an extended time.

The Kreg K5 comes with a quick-release system; just press it once to remove and again lock the drill guide, making it more convenient.


On a Kreg jig K4 pocket hole system, there is a lovely system to attach your drill bit.You can take a drill bit and use the markings near the toggle clamp to find your intended depth, then secure the depth collar with an allen wrench.

The Kreg K5 improves on this by introducing a step guide to make it easier for you to set a collar depth. You can choose what depth you want and put the drill bit through the drill hole.

In this aspect, the K4 has decent features, but the K5 is a little bit more accurate.

Support wings

It is a feature that is unavailable in the Kreg K4 pocket hole jig. The Kreg K5 has support wings on both sides to make it more stable and giving you a wider workspace.

Since the K4 doesn’t have this option, one has to create some of their own if they want it, and in most cases, they do end up making some.

Storage box

Inside the support wings that come with the K5, there is a little storage box that lets you store the drill bits and other components inside it. Making it easier for you to keep a hold of all your stuff together at the same place.

Sadly, the K4 doesn’t have this option.


Inside the storage box of the support wings on the Kreg K5, there is a neat label with charts showing which drill bits are better for different scenarios.

This might look irrelevant, but when you’re working for long hours and alternating between pieces of different sizes, you could make the wrong selection due to having a tired mind. So, having something you could use as a reference is great.

The Kreg K4 doesn’t have support wings, to begin with, so there is neither a storage box nor a reference label like this.

Dust clearance

The K4 and earlier jigs have a robust and rigid dust collection port that gets the job done for most small-scale projects.

The K5 one-ups its old cousin here with a fantastic removable port that swivels back and forth giving you the chance to put it where you want. You can connect it to a vacuum hose as well. This is one of the remarkable features of K5.

Wood chip relief

This feature is unique to the Kreg K4. It includes wood chip relief in every hole on the drill guide that makes sure your drill bits last longer by removing excess wood chips. It also minimizes torque.

Roomba Kreg K5 vs K4: Common Pros & Cons


  • Strong body
  • Flexible workability
  • Impact resilient
  • Durable
  • Clean pocket holes


  • Hard to cut after the joints are assembled
  • Slippery

Unique Pros & Cons of Kreg K4 


  • Clamping recess
  • Accurate adjustment markings
  • Perfect DIY tool
  • Wood chip relief


    • Limited to specifically sized work pieces

    Unique Pros & Cons of Kreg K5


    • Swiveling dust port
    • Support wings with storage box and labels
    • Quick-release system
    • Ratcheting clamp


      • Flimsy vacuum port

      Price-Quality Ratio of Kreg K5 vs K4

      Both of Kreg’s headliner jigs have great features and are worth their money. You won’t make a wrong choice going along with any of the two.

      But since you’re here to find out about Kreg jig K5 vs K4 and how they fare opposite to their price, it’s my duty to throw a straight ball.

      If we set preferences aside and match each feature head to head, the winner of Kreg K5 vs K4 is the marvelous Kreg K5 jig. Its superior strength and features make the K5 an upgrade of K4,but not vice-versa

      For a little more cash you will get yourself a superior tool that will last you for years.

      I’m sure after a decade you won’t regret these few extra bucks but you’ll definitely celebrate getting the better product. If you’re an active woodworker, then K5 is the one for you.

      Final words

      As I’ve said before, both of the Kreg products give fantastic delivery and you won’t regret any of them.

      I honestly feel the Kreg K5 is the better choice. It might not be as beginner-friendly as K4 but if you give it a little time, you’ll get familiar with it and enjoy all of its cool features.

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