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Maytag Vs Whirlpool: Who Has The Better Washer Lineup

Comparing between top-tier washer brands has been quite a popular request that we’ve been receiving from our readers. On that note, we’ve got Maytag vs Whirlpool today onboard. 

As you know, it’s tough to put these two Appliance giants head to head and come up with a clear verdict.

Maytag focuses on high-end, feature-rich product lineups that might cost some more for the obvious price-quality ratio that they stick to. Where Whirlpool is more concerned about the budget shoppers who’d love to choose from a wide array of products. Maytag also offers better warranty coverage than Whirlpool.

On top of that, both of them sport a diverse range of appliances, washers, and dryers, which makes the job even harder. 

But as the popular demand goes, comparing these two brand’s washers/washing machines seems to be the most legit way to craft the discussion. And in this article, we’ll do exactly that for you. 

Sounds enticing? Let’s hop in-

Maytag vs Whirlpool- Which Is For Whom?

Buy Maytag Products If- 

  •  You’re a feature-loving, high maintenance person.
  •  You won’t mind paying extra for quality..
  •  You love to be taken care of under long warranty policy.

Buy Whirlpool Products If- 

  •  You’re looking for the best value for the money.
  •  You’d love to choose from a diverse range of washer models.
  •  You won’t be bothered by warranty longevity as long as it’s from a good brand.

Whirlpool vs Maytag : Head to Head

Factor to compare



Operating for

127 years

108 years

Product Range

Washers, dryers, kitchen appliances, Freezers, accessories

Washers, dryers, laundry centers, kitchen appliances, freezers, Ice-makers, accessories and more

Total Washer Models

17 (14 top load, 3 front load)

28 (18 top load, 10 front load)

Direct Motor Drive Warranty

10 years

12 Months

Energy Star Certification

Top load only


Best for

High-end features

Budget picks

User Reviews

In-Depth Comparison Between Maytag vs Whirlpool

Product Diversity and Quality(Top Load)

The rich lineups of both Maytag and Whirlpool washers are split into two categories- front load, and top load. Hence, we’ll take over the first kind first- 

Product Lineup of Maytag(Top Load)

Within the top load territory, they have 14 washers that range from as low price as less than 800 dollars to as much as $1400. So, they’ve got every kind of budget option in mind- we have to say. 

Most of these top load washers sport features like deep fill, Power wash cycle, Power Agitator, Sanitizing cycle, Steam-enhanced cleaning, and so on. 4 of them are energy star certified as well. 

In terms of washer capacity, there are as small ones as 3.8 cubic feet of volume. And on the higher range, there is a model of 6 cubic feet capacity. 

Here are some of the borderline top load washer models with their best selling points- 

Product Lineup of Whirlpool(Top Load) 

Whirlpool had got a larger lineup of top load washers than Maytag. They’ve got 18 models in total, which starts from quite a low price point($550) and ends up at as pricey point as $1199.

From the budget buyer’s point of view, they are way more into the budget-friendly zone than Maytag. Many of us would love that for sure. If you are looking top load washer under 200$ check this out.

However, these top load washers have got some handy features in some of them.

We’re addressing features and enhancements like Adaptive wash technology, built-in water faucet, touch control, Pretreat Station, Sanitizing cycle, Smart WiFi connectivity, Steam enhanced connections or so. 

In terms of size and capacity, the range quite differs from Maytag. The smallest ones are as small as 1.6 cubic feet, where we can see the largest ones to be around 5.3 cubic feet.

They might not be providing larger ones than what Maytag does, but Maytag surely doesn’t provide as small washers as Whirlpool does. 

From a competitive point of view, here are some of Whirlpool’s top-notch top load washers- 

  • Best High End: 5.3 cu. ft. Smart Capable Top Load Washer
  • Best Value For Money: 4.8 cu.ft HE Top Load Washer with Built-In Water Faucet, Intuitive Touch Controls
  • Best Budget Pick: 3.5 cu.ft Top Load Washer with Water Selection
  • Most Popular: 5.3 cu.ft HE Top Load Washer with ColorLast

Comparison Table: Maytag vs Whirlpool Top Load Washers

Factor to compare



Number of Models



Price Range

<$800 to $1400

$550 to $1199

Energy Star Certification

Yes(4 models)


Smallest Capacity

3.8 cubic feet

1.6 cubic feet

Largest Capacity

6 cubic feet

5.3 cubic feet


Product Diversity and Quality(Front Load)

For more convenience and usability, front load washers are often a better choice than top load ones. Hence, both of our brands have got an inventory full of front-load washers. We’ll shift our limelight on these from now on.  

Product Lineup of Maytag(Front Load)

The first thing to declare about the front load washer lineup of Maytag is- they’ve got only three of these washers in the bag. But notably, all three of them are intensely popular among users. 

As they come with premium quality, the price is not ‘budget-friendly’ in any direction. They start at a price of $899, and end up with a price of $1349.

In terms of size capacity, the smallest one(which is eventually the most affordable) is 4.5 cubic feet, which is a decent size we must say. On the higher side, the most expensive one is 5.0 cubic feet. 

Being tough built, these front load washers sport some handy features as well, among which the Fresh Hold option, the dose dispenser, the sanitize cycle and the smart capable appliance are noteworthy.

On the flip side, none of them have got an energy star certification anyway. 

Here goes the top choices of front-load washers from the brand- 

  • Best Budget: Front Load Washer With Extra Power And 12-hr Fresh Spin™ Option - 4.5 Cu. Ft.

  • Best High End: Smart Front Load Washer With Extra Power And 24-hr Fresh Hold® Option - 5.0 Cu. Ft.

Product Lineup of Whirlpool(Front Load)

Compared to Maytag, the front-loading washer lineup is way richer. They’ve got 10 such models up in the inventory, and the price points would give the users a decent headspace as well. 

The most budget friendly front load washer comes for about $900, where the most premium one is around $1600 bucks. They have 8 more models within this range. In terms of size, they range from 1.9  to 5 cubic feet. 

Moving to the qualitative measures, we’ve got features like ADA compliance, adaptive washing technology, EcoBoost option, Compactness, compatibility to small spaces and so on. The more you’ll move across the rice ladder, so will the features and specs. 

Summing these up, here are some of the top choices-

Comparison Table: Maytag vs Whirlpool Front Load Washers

Factor to compare



Number of Models



Price Range

$899 to $1349

$900 to $1600

Energy Star Certification



Smallest Capacity

4.5 cubic feet

1.9 cubic feet

Largest Capacity

5 cubic feet

5 cubic feet


Warranty, Durability, and Price-Quality Ratio

These three factors are no less important than any form factor of design stuff when it comes to washers. Hence, we’ve decided to put a head to head comparison of these two brands under each of these concerns. 

Warranty Policy of Whirlpool vs Maytag Washers

When it’s about the warranty, the only thing that matters about a washing machine is the direct-drive motor. The brand Maytag provides a warranty of 10 years for their direct-drive motors, where Whirlpool provides a warranty for 12 months only. 

Winner: Maytag


Durability of Maytag vs Whirlpool Washers

In terms of wide-range features, Maytag offers more functionality than whirlpool. Whirlpool, on the other hand, believes to keep them simple but tough. So, if you don’t judge how diverse the product features are, they are both equally durable. 

Winner: Both

Price-quality Ratio of Whirlpool vs Maytag Washers

If you compare identical washer models of either front load or top load head to head, you’ll see that Maytag is charging a few hundred dollars more for what Whirlpool is doing. Hence, Whirlpool would be the better value for money. 

Winner: Whirlpool.

Parting Thoughts

Alright, we’ve almost to the dead bottom of this debate about Maytag vs Whirlpool washers, and which is for whom? If you’re going to purchase your next washer from any of these two brands, we hope our comparison and specifiers have been helpful enough to hone up your purchase decision.

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