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Tide Vs Persil: Which is The Better Cleaner to Go With?

Dealing with specks of dirt and stains is almost a daily event for any homemaker and housekeeper. Hence, choosing the right detergent brand tops the list of daily cleaning tasks. If that’s what also drove you to compare  Tide vs Persil, you’re on the right page. 

Tide has been there in the market for more than 70 years, being millions of people’s favorite choices in terms of product diversity, cleaning efficiency, and fragrance. On the other hand, Persil is best known for its cleaning effectiveness and ability to deal with tough stains. It’s new in the American market, but pursuing a rapid growth overall.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we have to say. If you want to choose between one particular model among these two, there is a lot more to discuss. Let’s go through them eventually-

Persil or Tide- Which Is For Whom?

In case you’re in a rush and want to know the nitty-gritty of today’s discussion, we’ve put together the sum in here. 

As both of the brands are quality detergent manufacturers, they’re almost equally good at their job. But then again, there are some head-to-head measures that stand standout.

Buy Tide Products If- 

  •  You want to choose from a number of fragrances in detergents.
  •  You’d love to go with a popular choice of detergents and cleaning agents.
  •  You’re seeking the best value for your money.
  •  You’re looking for a wide range of product diversity to choose from.
  •  You’re up to larger packs/volumes of detergents than smaller ones.

Buy Persil Products If- 

  •  You want a fragrance-less, solid cleaning agent for your clothes and fabrics.
  •  You want to go with the expert’s testing in terms of cleaning power and efficiency.
  •  You specifically want to pick up a product for sensitive skin and tough stains.
Tide vs persil

Tide Vs Persil: Head to Head Comparison 

Factor to compare



Operating Since




Owned By



Product Range

Liquid Detergent, Powder Detergent, and Pods(Discs)

Liquid Detergent and Pods(Discs)


6 Different Fragrances

2 Different Fragrances

Product Diversity

40 Different Detergents

7 Different Detergents

Specially Formulated Detergents



Washer Compatibility

Regular and High Efficiency

Regular and High Efficiency

Best for

Product Diversity

Efficient Cleaning


In-Depth Comparison Between Tide Vs Persil

Product Diversity 

It’s a good thing that both of the companies we’re discussing about are subjected to cleaning essentials only. Hence, we get to have a straightforward ground of comparison. 

Both Tide and Persil seem to offer their diverse range of cleaning products in the same way. We mean, both companies have divided their items based on Either ‘Type’ or ‘Need.’ On top of that, Tide has offered a few more ways to categorize their products and pick from them. 

However, we’d love to discuss the product diversity one by one- 

Product Diversity of Tide

Tide has more than 40 commercially available products(53, to be exact) that they offer. Among them, there are cleaning pods, liquid cleaner, powder, stain remover, laundry booster, machine care cleaner, and fabric care cleaner. 

All of these product categories are meant to be for different purposes, and even different cleaning situations as well. Some might go with washing machines, where some are extremely supposed to be used in hand-washing. 

However, here’s a quick selection from each of these categories- 

  • Best Pacs Cleaning Product from Tide- Tide PODS® Plus Downy April Fresh Scent
  • Best Liquid Cleaning Product from Tide- Tide purclean™ Liquid
  • Best Powder Cleaning Product from Tide- Tide Original Powder
  • Best Stain Remover Product from Tide- Tide To Go Wipes
  • Best Laundry Booster Product from Tide- Tide Brights + Whites Rescue™
  • Best Machine Care Product from Tide- Tide Washing Machine Cleaner
  • Best Fabric Care Product from Tide- Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray

Commercially, Tide had released most of these products under different lineups of collections. We’re going to enlist some of the popular collection of Tide cleaners and the best products within that lineup- 

  • Tide Free and Gentle cleaners.
  • Best Pick: Tide Free and Gentle Liquid
  • Tide Power pods.
  • Best Pick: Tide POWER PODS® Heavy Duty 
  • Tide Plus Downy.
  • Best Pick: Tide PODS® Plus Downy April Fresh Scent
  • Tide Sports Odor Defence.
  • Best Pick: Tide Odor Rescue™ with Febreze Odor Defense™
  • Tide Plus Ultra OXI.
  • Best Pick: Tide PODS® Ultra OXI Laundry Detergent
  • Tide Plant-Based.
  • Best Pick: Tide purclean™ Liquid
  • Tide Plus Febreze Freshness. 
  • Best Pick: Tide Plus Febreze Botanical Rain Liquid Detergent
  • Tide Simply.
  • Best Pick: Tide Simply Plus OXI Liquid


In case you’re looking more for the benefits you’ll get instead of the shiny names on it, you can also split them up in terms of benefits that these cleaners provide. The benefits are like- Stain Removal, Odor Removal, freshness/scent enhancer, Whiteness enhancer, Color Brightener, Delicacy care, Sensitiveness protector, and additives. 

This can often get shady as you’re not supposed to understand a given product’s benefit just from its label or list of ingredients. Hence, we’ve gone with the popular choices and made you a list- 

  • Best Tide Product for Stain Removal: Tide PODS® Ultra OXI Laundry Detergent
  • Best Tide Product for Large Loads: Tide POWER PODS® Heavy Duty
  • Best Tide Product for Scent/Freshness: Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray
  • Best Tide Product for Odor removal: Tide PODS® Plus Febreze 4in1 Sports Odor Defense™
  • Best Tide Product for Whiteness: Tide Brights + Whites Rescue™
  • Best Tide Product for Bright Colours: Tide PODS® Laundry Detergent Original Scent
  • Best Tide Product for Delicacy: Studio by Tide Delicates
  • Best Tide Product for Sensitiveness: Tide purclean™ Liquid
  • Best Tide Product for Additiveness: Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster Tide® Original Scent

Product Diversity of Persil

Unlike tide, Persil had made their inventory of products rather easier and less complex to access. And that’s another reason behind the overwhelming Persil detergent reviews as well. All they’ve done is divided their products by type and by need. 

While splitting Persil’s cleaning products by type, you’ll see two simple choices- Liquid Cleaner Products and Pre-measured Laundry Cleaning discs. As it sounds, the first one is for one-time and hard washings, where the discs are dedicated for repeated machine washing. 

Let’s get into the depth of the liquid ones first. 

There are 6 products under this category, each specializing in different cleaning power and flavor. Apart from that, each of the 6 products is offered in various sizes as well. 

Here are the liquid detergents that we’re talking about- 

  • Persil® ProClean Original Scent. 
  • Persil® ProClean OXI power. 
  • Persil® ProClean Odor Fighter. 
  • Persil® ProClean Intense Fresh Scent. 
  • Persil® ProClean Stain Fighter. 
  • Persil® ProClean Fragrance Free Sensitive Skin Care.

Moving from the liquid to the detergent disks, we get to find three categories within them- 

  • Persil Original Scent Discs. 
  • Persil Stain Fighter Discs. 
  • Persil OXI Power Discs. 

As it seems, all three of these discs are just the same ingredients from liquid cleaners, but in the form of discs. Users who’re going to need discs will have the same benefits though. 

So, these are by ‘types’ of products from Persil’s inventory. That aside, they also offer products based on the ‘needs’ of their users. 

The category of cleaning products that they’ve split into are- Fresh Scent, Sensitive, Stain Fighting, Odor Fighting, and Everyday Detergents. 

Let’s get a look at the best picks from each of these needs- 

  • Best Everyday Detergent from Persil: 
  • Liquid: Persil Pro Clean Original Liquid Laundry Detergent 
  • Disc: Persil Pro Clean Original Scent Discs
  • Best Fresh Scent Detergent from Persil: Persil Pro Clean Intense Fresh Scent Liquid
  • Best Sensitive Detergent from Persil: Persil Pro Clean Sensitive Skin laundry detergent
  • Best Stain Fighting Detergent from Persil: 
  • Liquid: Persil Pro Clean Stain Fighter, Liquid
  • Discs: Persil Pro Clean Stain Fighter, Discs
  • Best Odor Fighting Detergent from Persil: Persil Pro Clean Odor Fighter 

So, that’s all Persil has to offer within their cleaner liquids and discs.

Winner: Tide

Detergent Fragrance

Agree or not, we use premium detergents and washing machine pods not only to make the clothes look clean but also to smell them good. 

That’s where the fragrance's question comes in, and we’ll put Tide and Persil into a head to head competition on that ground. Apart from all the scents we’ll be talking about, both brands have smell-less products for sensitive skins. 

That aside, here’s the real comparison-

Detergent Fragrance of Tide

In all 43 products of them, Tide has got 6 different smells. You might find each of these scents in more than one product. 

Here is the list- 

  • Tide Original Fragrance. 
  • Touch of Downy, Tide Plus. 
  • Febreze Freshness, Tide Plus.
  • Febreze Sport Odor Defense, Tide Plus
  • Febreze Botanical Rain, Tide Plus
  • Honey Lavender, Tide Pure Clean

All 6 of these flavors are quite delightful for any noses. But since there are a diverse choice, you can select the right 0one as per your preference. There’s also a ‘no Fragrance’ pick as well.

Detergent Fragrance of Persil

In case of smells and fragrances, Persil hasn’t that much to offer. It has two fragrances basically- 

  • Persil Original. 
  • Persil Intent Fresh Scent. 

What Persil users love more instead of having to choose from a diverse range of fragrances is the clean clothing smell Persil products leave behind. As per some other users, the clean fragrance smells more like a chemical one, which isn’t that likely, especially for sensitive people. 

Is Persil better than Tide in terms of fragrance? Well, the answer to this question will be a No from our end.

Winner: Tide

Price-Quality Ratio 

It’s almost undeniable that when you look for a premium cleaning detergent, you’d like to get a good quality product instead of a ‘cheap’ one. Hence, both Tide and Persil lie within the premium zone and might cost a bit more than many of their competitors. 

That said, we’ve found the value that each of these detergent brands provides as up to the mark. In case you’re more worried about the expense, we’d suggest you to go with larger volumes of containers. Both Tide and Persil come with such massive volumes of detergents that come with less expense per shot. 

Here are two of the recommended large-volume (value for money) detergents- 

Winner: Both

Parting Words

Since Persil had penetrated the USA market in 2015, it’s rising through the popularity ladder day by day. And the good old Tide is already a people’s choice in the same market. 

Tide has been the best value provider for money, while Persil is working more effectively and dealing with harder stains and stubborn dirt. But due to a lack of product and fragrance diversity, Persil is still a bit behind Tide's mark.

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